Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 3

this-one.jpgWhile the runways in NY are buzzing with lanky models pouting their black cherry lips, The Beauty Bug is bringing a bit of couture your way in the form of a charming and whimsical fragrance gift set by Nanette Lepore. BBTBB readers really get the best of both worlds – a taste of high fashion without the chaos, the flashes, and the uptight publicists!

If you’re not familiar with Ms. Lepore, she’s synonymous with feminine and girly, and known for incorporating a playful, spirited and light-hearted touch in all her creations. A flirtatious and inviting style sets her apart from the rest – aspiring designers want to be her, and unimaginative Valentines (boyfriends) aspire to reach her level of creativity.
The distinct, unique bottle is one that any girl would covet, and place on their vanity to admire like a funky piece of art. Its design is an expression of Ms. Lepore’s love for florals; she took a classic design and gave it a retro-twist, making it feminine, fun, and colorful.

The fragrance opens with the sheer, delicate notes of white blossoms from the creamy petals of the Moonstone Rose that float in the nectar of White Peach and White Cranberry juices. The mid notes explode with color and sparkle with Magenta Nectar from ripened Blackcurrant, Orange Jasmine and Persian Lime Juice. The fragrance dries down revealing the signature of the fragrance, inspired by the designer’s own muse… her daughter, Violet. The warm sensuality of the Violette Petals mingles with the exotic aromas of Amber and Indian Sandalwood to put the perfect finishing touch on this romantic creation.

Nanette Lepore is a girl after The Beauty Bug’s heart – she’s witty, full of character, and a hopeless romantic. She known the importance of pampering oneself, whether it be on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.

TO ENTER TO WIN this Nanette Lepore limited edition fragrance set, leave a comment on this post. A winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 6th.

9 Responses to Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 3

  1. Raha

    I hope I win..

  2. Paula

    The notes sound wonderful!



  4. Karen

    This is on my wish list!

  5. Heather

    Pick me!

  6. Janell

    oh my… Magenta Nectar, Orange Jasmine and Persian Lime Juice!! Please oh Please let me smell you soon.

  7. Morgan

    Oh my goodness, thats the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! How nice to have something sweet for Valentine’s day, instead of vampy

  8. Hillary

    I love Nanette Lepore. Wearing her stuff makes me feel like a gypsy princess.

  9. Eileen

    I love Nanette Lepore! She definitely knows how to do prints on clothing without it looking too “busy”…like there’s too much going on in her clothes.

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