Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 5

p196711_hero1.jpgThe Beauty Bug’s previous job required her to dress up everyday. Because of this, She tended to wear all black everyday. She somewhat resembled the ladies you see working at MAC counters, wearing tailored black pants and a stylized black sweater. During one of her yearly reviews, her not-so-eloquent boss asked Her if she frequented the club scene. Puzzled by this, The Beauty Bug responded by emphatically shaking Her head no, and asked Her boss why. Her boss, again not very verbose, said that it was because of her attire. To insinuate that The Beauty Bug’s choice of clothing resembled somebody on their way to a night club was offensive. Angry and irritated, The Beauty Bug couldn’t believe Her boss said had the nerve to say that to her. She assures you that what She was wearing was completely appropriate. Whether She agreed with her or not, it was still an embarrassing conversation that The Beauty Bug would have much rather avoided.

With that being said, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday ladies – those planning on going out may have to go straight from work. The Beauty Bug’s advice – be cognisant of your office makeup. POP Beauty’s Day to Play set, a palette of 24 colors, is the answer. Use the neutral shades in the morning for a more delicate, daytime look, and create a more smoky, night-time look with the darker colors. Valentine’s Day Dater or not, this multi-functioning palette that contains a double-extended professional brush, is a must-have.

TO ENTER TO WIN this Day to Play set, leave a comment on this post. The Beauty Bug will choose a winner, tomorrow, February 8th.

15 Responses to Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 5

  1. Sara

    That was a teribbly inappropriate thing for your boss to say. It was probably because girls like the beauty bug rejected him in high school.

  2. Ann

    Don’t feel bad I once had to tell an employee they needed to wear deodorant, it was awful cause they started to cry.

  3. Kate

    I feel like a classy all-black ensemble like that would suggest more of an art critic look than a person on the way to the club. Very bizarre.

  4. Mikki

    Sometimes people have hidden meaning behind what they say, (jealously does not suit people (meaning to your old Bose,) As for the contest, these Day To Play, are killer eye shades a definite must for my make up bag, from one makeup aholic to another, please pick me, Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo for Valentines day!

  5. Hana

    Your boss obviously wasn’t on the club scene him/herself. That doesn’t sound like club attire to me at all. Weird.

    That palette’s nice. :D I’d love it because the day shades are the type I normally like to wear, and the night shades are the bright colors I’ve always been too scared to buy.

  6. Jaime

    what a terrible thing to say to someone! i always try to think before i speak, so i don’t offend someone like that! people don’t realize that their unkind words can last forever in our memories. ick! if someone was rottent to me like that, that POP palette sure would me me feel better, though. :)


    I thought reviews were about your work ethic? Go figure

  8. Faye

    It’s hard not to get a case of Holly Golightly’s “mean reds” this time of year in dreary, cold Baltimore — but I’m willing to bet a dose of those beautifully colored eyeshadows, especially the blues, might cancel them out :).

    And your boss? Was just jealous. Believe me, I’ve been there.


  9. Karen

    After watching the “What Not to Wear” marathon over the holidays, I’m in the process of editing and revamping my wardrobe. The POP palette is the perfect wardrobe accessory! It covers every and any occasion – business, serious, playful, edgy – and with Valentine’s Day coming – romantic!

  10. Li

    Here’s the deal, the query posed by your boss was NONE of his business. Plain and simple. Being a school teacher, I have gone through situations exactly in exactly the same way. What you do on your own time is your business.
    And since I am a school teacher and am not paid a lot, I would love to win that Pop eyeshadow collection with every color I could ever need!

  11. Janell

    What a great way to jump into spring. Color Color everywhere! :)

  12. Courtney


  13. Mikki

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    Now that is money well spent!

    Mikki (In love on Valentines day)

  14. Susan

    It sounds to me like Her boss was fishing for information as to where he might run into Her…wishing on luck!

  15. Alarming Darling

    Your boss sounds like they have never heard of this strange animal called “fashion”. How odd!

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