Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 6

slt-ooh-la-la-edp1.jpgThe Beauty Bug apologizes for not having this contest post up late last night – She and TBBBF (The Beauty Bug Boyfriend) are in the beginning stages of planning a European vacation and She got caught up in researching hotels. If everything goes as planned, She and TBBBF will be visiting Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.

Speaking of Paris and romance, what’s a Valentine’s Day without Victoria’s Secret? Even a half-witted, numb-skull knows he can make himself look like a prize boyfriend by going to Victoria’s Secret for Valentine’s Day. At least The Beauty Bug knows this, which is why She’s giving away 2 bottles of the new Ooh La La Eau du Parfum from Victoria’s Secret. The new fragrance, which is an flirtatious blend of mandarin, cherry blossom and vanilla, comes in a sweet heart- shaped bottle and a darling silver, sparkly box.

One spray, and you’re dangerously seductive! Ooh-la-la!

Head to the nearest Victoria’s Secret store Direct your Valentine to the nearest Victoria’s Secret store, where the Ooh La La Collection is now available in Eau de Parfum, $39, Shimmering Body Lotion, $18, Shimmer Fragrance Mist, $22, and the Shimmering Body Powder, $29.50.

TO ENTER TO WIN a bottle of Ooh La La eau de parfum, leave a comment on this post. The Beauty Bug will choose 2 winners on Tuesday February 12th.

17 Responses to Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 6

  1. Trudi S.

    I actually tried out this perfume at a Victoria’s Secret store before. It smells great… too bad I didn’t buy it.


    oolala I need this.

  3. Sara

    Since we got a new puppy, seduction has been low on the list of “things to do.” Perhaps this perfume could help?

  4. kavs

    oooh la la what a cute name!

  5. Hana

    Ooooh, the scent sounds pretty. It also doesn’t sound too perfume-y, which is good since those give me headaches. >.

  6. Susan

    You are going to have so much fun! What time of year are you planning your trip? I wanna go!

  7. Kate

    Oooh, European vacations! I could use a flirty scent–I seem to be stuck on orientals and those are too heavy to wear during the day. Plus that bottle is like the perfume bottle of my little girl dreams.

  8. Courtney

    I love this scent- and I would LOVE to this from you, my valentine, as things with the real-life valentine aren’t going as smoothly as planned. I’m sure Ooh La La could fix that problem, if you pick me that is…. Please!

  9. Courtney

    **to GET this from you, not love to this from you.

  10. Liz

    Love the Beauty Bug! You have made my quest for products much more fun Oooh La La . . .

  11. Lesha

    Sounds very nice! :)

  12. Christina

    Haha, getting my bf into Vicky’s is an ordeal in and of itself. This would be a great Valentine’s gift!

  13. Casie

    Yes please…oh la la.

  14. Jaime

    my new husband works this valentine’s day (all evening!)- what rotten luck! but, if i won this lovely scent for the holiday, i wouldn’t be quite so lonely! (i’d probably sit and stare at the great bottle all night!)

  15. Joanie

    Am I too late? My friend recommended this and I’d love to try it!

  16. Girl-Woman

    Have a lovely trip to Europe. Keep us posted on your finds. I would love to flirt with my husband wrapped in Ooh La La.


  17. Anna

    Sounds like a great perfume and I could just imagine what it smells like!

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