The Oscars By Numbers…

hedi2.jpg6:12PM: Kimora Lee Simmons flaunts her one million dollar hair clip and dares someone to top it. She’s covered, head to toe, in diamonds.

6:22PM: Heidi Klum and Seal are the first to stop and chat with Ryan on the carpet. Though Heidi admits sh he’s not wearing a bra, she looks flawless in Galliano red dress. Her hair is elegant, and her makeup is glowing, yet soft with a muted natural lip and a smoky eye. She’s The Beauty Bug’s pick for best dressed.

6:29PM: Amy Ryan chats with Ryan, dressed in a Calvin Klein toga dress. BORING.

6:36PM: Kimora comments on Heidi Klum’s hot pink handbag clashing with her red dress. Heidi, The Beauty Bug forgives you.

6:45PM: Ryan comments that George Clooney’s hair is ridiculously perfect,and The Beauty Bug has to agree. George, whose hair looks like it was combed with a small rake, was the most well groomed man on the carpet.

6:56PM: Anne Hathaway arrives in her red Marchesa dress that’s detailed with roses, and Ryan asks her about her new Lancome fragrance. While ts1.jpgshe said she couldn’t divulge any information about it, Ryan says that if he had a Lancome fragrance it would be named “Insecurity”. Really Ryan, really? It wouldn’t be “Overexposed?”

7:10PM: Amy Adams arrives wearing a hunter green Proenza dress. Eh. Once again, The Beauty Bug confuses her with Isa Fisher.

7:17PM: Cameron Diaz’s pale pink Dior dress seems to be a bit too tight on her. Her hair looks messy and a unkempt. There’s a difference between a loosely, yet elegantly tussled up-do, and a unruly bed head.

7:41PM: Tilda Swinton arrives wearing a garbage bag. Lovely. She’s easily the worst dressed. Fun fact about Tilda – she’s in polyamorous relationship. While she lives with her boyfriend and the father of her twins, she maintains another relationship with the blessing of her live-in significant other.

8:38PM: During Jon Stewart’s monologue the camera pans to screen writer Diablo Cody, and it appears as though she has Fafi tattoo on her right upper arm. Even The Beauty Bug Boyfriend noticed!

And finally, what it all boils down to…

THE DRESSES: The dresses matched the carpet this year; red was the color of the evening. Katherine Heigl, Heidi Klum, Mylie Curus, Helen Mirren, and Anne Hathaway were all ladies in red this evening. Un-red ladies walked the carpet in black and pale neutral tones; most of whom played it safe and simple.

THE MAKEUP: The makeup was fresh and natural. Most bore rosy cheeks and matte nude lips; keeping the makeup very simple. Anne Hathaway was the exception to the rule; to match her dress Anne wore a bold red lipstick that Ryan Seacrest called the “reddest lipstick (he’s) ever seen.”

15551187preview_01.jpgTHE HAIR: The hair was casual. Up-dos were the style of choice. Some wore the casual style better than others. Jennifer Garner and Cate Blanchett’s locks were stylized, yet tousled. Cameron Diaz and Calista Flockhart’s hair was disheveled and distracting. Then there was Katherin Heigl who time traveled back to the 80′s to get her hair done. She must have left her leg-warmers at home.


WORST DRESSED: Ellen Page/Tilda Swinton/Calista Flockhart

5 Responses to The Oscars By Numbers…

  1. Alarming Darling

    I was thinking Heigl’s hairdo was very very Marilyn. And the 1950s light red lipstick completes it. I guess it could be seen as being a bit Madonna-ish, but I thought it was okay.

  2. Alarming Darling

    Totally agree on Heidi Klum though. She was GORGEOUS!

  3. A Charmer

    Yes! I also always confuse Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Glad I’m not the only one.

  4. Michelle

    Heidi looked so great and sadly I agree with your worsts – especially Tilda Swinton. Though her hair color was amazingly vibrant – LOL!

  5. Nicciknows

    I LOVE Heidi Klum’s dress. It is the most stunning color and style ever. Her hair and makeup were the perfect compliment!

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