The Beauty Bug Presents “The Office” – New Max Factor ColorGenius Blush

maxblsuh.jpgMAX Factor ColorGenius Blush is the newest product to hit the cubicles in The Office. Since the weather has been warmer, and there’s not that brisk winter wind to give Bostonians a natural blush, The Office welcomed the chance to try this new product. ColorGenius Blush is a mineral, tri-colored contouring blush that made its debut at the Spring/Summer 2008 New York Fashion Week. ColorGenius Blush is available in three shades for coverage ranging from a light-sheen to a vivid shot of color that pops. Shades include Roses, Peach and Spices. Each compact includes three complementary shades for blendable, customizable coverage.

The Office speaks…

L: I LOVE this blush! i tried the Roses trio and it goes on so smoothly, the three shades blending to look way more natural than i would have thought. i would definitely buy this and want to try the other colors!

B: I’m mixed on this product. The multiple colors/tones don’t really make much of a difference, when I tried to layer them they all looked the same on me. I also didn’t feel that the blush went onto a brush very easily. Also, when applied over a light foundation, I thought that the blush looked a little heavy and had an orange tint even though I think the (peaches) colors should have been right for my skin tone. Overall, I’m pretty mixed. I’ll continue to use it, but probably won’t go out of my way to buy it again.

J: Blush is something I don’t wear all that often, so I was interested to try it out. I like the blend of the three colors and I felt that it gave a very natural and subtle hit of color to my cheeks. The only criticism I have is that I wish it had a mirror and applicator so that I could stick it in my purse and use it on the go!

M: I really liked the color of the Spice Genius Blush when applied. I thought the color was long lasting and had a great shade combination. Although, I found that it takes a long time for the color to absorb onto the brush.

P: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to achieve the glow that I wanted with this blush. The color didn’t adhere to my brush well.

MAX Factor ColorGenius Blush is available now with an average retail price of $8.49.

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