Shu Uemura’s Rebirth Collection…and How The Beauty Bug Overcame Her Fear of Eyelash Curlers

As She previously mentioned, last week The Beauty Bug had the privilege of learning about Shu Uemura’s new Rebirth Collection from Boston’s Best Makeup Artist, Dani Wagener. REBIRTH embraces the colors, energy and gentle ambiance of the fresh spring season. The colors are vibrant, yet very wearable and dynamic. Mr. Uemura was an innovator – he will forever be known for creating emblematic products that were harmonious with art, science and nature.

REBIRTH is no different – it’s colors tell the story of nature blooming in spring.The Beauty Bug stepped into the Shu boutique and She was whisked away into a pristine world of color, art and beauty. The ceilings were covered with animated butterflies created by Japanese kimono designer Mamechiyo. In Japan, the delicate structure of the butterfly suggests ephemeral beauty. The white glowing walls were perfectly lined with gleaming products whose colors were so rich and alive.





For those who prefer the Cliff Notes version, Dani used M Black 01 Drawing Pencil, M Brown 02 Drawing Pencil, Tranquil Pink Blush, and Serene Pink Lipstick. She created the perfect everyday look for The Beauty Bug, proving that Rebirth is extremely wearable and customizable. This is The Beauty Bug’s ideal smoky eye – it’s sophisticated and dramatic, yet fun. Detailed description and more photos after the jump.The Beauty Bug was lead to Dani’s private makeup studio where Her “rebirth” began. Dani started with eyes:

1) Apply the Tri Color Pencil in Energy Flow. Dani applied white all over the lid, and blended the coral in the crease.

2) Apply Sun Stream shadow all over the lid up to the crease.

3) Work the Earth Brown shadow into the outer crease. Dani’s technique was to place, then blend.The pressed formula shadows can be used wet or dry; wetting the shadow allows for more pigmentation.

4) Brighten the inner corner of the eye (the “v”) with the Sun Stream Shadow.

5) Pull up the lid and apply the M Black 01 Drawing Pencil underneath to the inner lash-line.

6) Apply same pencil to the top of the lash line. Draw a very thin and leave as much space on the lid as possible.

7) Lengthen, define, and thicken the line with M Brown 02 Drawing Pencil, extending it and widening it at the corner of the eyes. Bring the line to the bottom, lining the bottom lashes.

8) Retouch the inner triangle part of the eye with the Sun Stream shadow. This casts light and adds contrast.
9) Curl lashes with the famous eyelash curler, and apply mascara.**

10) Using a tweezer and glue, apply Flare lashes in Brown to open up the eye.

11) Apply Phyto-Black Lift Serum to hydrate the skin.

12) Apply the UV Under Base Mousse w/ SPF 10. This light-weight primer tightens pores and disappears on contact. Aside from the lashes, this was The Beauty Bug’s favorite product. It felt great on the skin, and has a cool, clean tingling sensation.

13) Using a sponge, Dani applied the Nobara Foundation and applied it as if she was sponge painting a wall. The cream foundation allowed for a hydrated, youthful look. Build it for added coverage.

14) Apply Tranquil Pink blush – the perfect blush for pale skin.

15) Finish the look with Serene Pink lipstick. In a perfect world, this is what color lips would be.




**Dani was patient with The Beauty Bug and together they were able to determine what The Beauty Bug was doing wrong with the eye-lash curler and change that behavior. A slow step by step demonstration, and The Beauty Bug goes right for Her lashes now with no hesitation. Most importantly, The Beauty Bug learned to take Her time, and get as close to the lash line as possible. Rushing will cause the skin to pinch. The set up is key – get all your lashes in before clamping down, and pump. The Beauty Bug has a new favorite tool….

Shu Uemura’s Rebirth Collection is available now in stores and online. Once spring is gone, it will be as well. Get it while it’s blooming…

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    Your eyes look gorgeous! I just ordered an eyeshadow from the Rebirth collection and I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival!

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