The Body Deli’s Blueberry Face Polish

225916blueberryscrubweb1.jpgIf MTV’s Cribs happened to visit The Beauty Bug’s condo and do what they always do, open the refrigerator, they’d find some a case of Polar Lemon Seltzer water, a bottle of diet ginger ale, left over Thai food, and a jar of The Body Deli’s Blueberry Fusion Polish. The small jar filled with fresh organic blueberry puree is front and center. Every night after cleansing Her face, The Beauty Bug heads to the kitchen for her fresh anti-oxidant exfoliant. The purple face polish is a treat for Her face. Fresh organic blueberries are mixed with all-natural fruit acid, oatmeal, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, fresh cells of pomegranate and kiwi, and natural earth minerals. After cleansing, The Beauty Bug takes a small amount of polish and covers her face with a veil of purple, and gently scrubs. The fresh tart, yet sweet smell is refreshing, cooling and effective,  leaving The Beauty Bug’s face remarkably soft and smooth.

As is the case with most Body Deli products, The Blueberry Fusion polish must be kept in the refrigerator to keep their natural, chemical-free ingredients fresh.

Blueberry Fusion Face Polish is available at for $36. 

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