Exfoliation Made Easy

exfoliating-massage-gel-open_250.jpgThe following post is about a product so unique that The Beauty bug can almost guarantee that you’ve probably never used anything like it. The Beauty Bug knows She’s never introduced a product quite like this to Her bathroom cabinet before – it’s different in both it’s color, and what it offers.

The Seikisho Exfoliating Massage Gel is the answer to one of the most frequently asked skincare questions – how much exfoliation is enough? Women are often quick to deem skincare products ineffective, when in fact most are just simply not exfoliating long enough to allow the product to be effective. Short of getting a timer for your bathroom vanity, the exfoliating gel is the easiest and best solution. It contains tiny scrub particles, and once you’ve thoroughly exfoliated, the gel turns a gray color. And you’re done. No questions asked.

The jet-black gel, which is similar is in consistency to gel-based cleanser, is a bit gooey in texture, but not messy in the slightest. It’s heat activated, so apply it directly to a cleansed face and do not rub your hands together first. Massage the face until the gel turns a medium gray color – a tone much lighter than the gel in its original form. The scrub sloughs off dead skin cells revealing softer, brighter skin.

The Seikisho Exfoliating Massage Gel is $28 and is available at select Neiman Marcus stores, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, select Bath & Body Works and C.O. Bigelows.

5 Responses to Exfoliation Made Easy

  1. BeautiBeautii

    I tried the very popular black mask and it made me break out in giant, cystic acne, so I’m much too scared to try this out! :(

  2. The Beauty Bug

    BeautiBeautii – don’t be scared! It’s actually a very mild formula and The Beauty Bug tends to have sensitive skin. When you start using it, only use it once a week so see how your skin reacts. Then, gradually begin to use it 2-3 times. Baby steps – work up to it!

  3. beautytalk

    The shape of the bottle alone makes me want to get it!

  4. Umm....yeah ok.

    “the shape of the bottle”????????
    Hmmmm….interesting. Looks like a tube to me, not a bottle, and a very common, ordinary shaped one at that.
    I still don’t think you can go past Leaf & Rusher Rapid Resurface. Even for hypersensitive skin it works like nothing else. A really remarkable product.

  5. lily

    Their famous masque has been hit/miss for me, but if you love this product I’ll definitely give it a try!

    Lily x

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