How Do I Look?

The Beauty Bug has been MIA for a few days now – but She has a great excuse, She was getting a makeover. A much needed one if you ask Her. She was almost at the point where an intervention was needed. Almost at the point where She needed Her blogging friends to ambush Her and take Her to appear on How Do I Look (for websites) at which point FInola Hughes would give Her outdated .com style a new chic, stylistic look.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but you know what She means. Her site was serviceable, and that just wasn’t good enough anymore!

To refresh your memory, below is the old Beauty Bug, and you’re looking at the new one….

The Beauty Bug is so much happier with Her new look – it fits her personality to a tee, and it’s sassy and hip. Nothing extremely different, but different enough.

So tell Her, How does She look?

8 Responses to How Do I Look?

  1. Nancy O

    Awsome!! Pink and Perfect! I love it.

  2. Beauty Fool

    Beauty Bug, you are looking so hot! I love your new look! :D

  3. Samara

    So cool. I love it!

  4. eye4style

    It’s totally sassy, I love it!

  5. Hillary

    It is just darling. And it’s such a great reflection on you!

  6. Lisa

    awww its adorable. It looks very clean I like your buttons.

  7. Beautytalk

    what a cute layout!

  8. kate2004rock (Katie)

    So chic and futuristic! I love the lips!

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