The Beauty Bug Interviews PEOPLE StyleWatch Editor Holly Carter

PEOPLE StyleWatch is on news stands now! It feature tips, tricks and product picks from the industry’s best. The Beauty Bug recently had a chance to speak with PEOPLE’s Beauty Editor, Holly Carter. Here’s what she had to say:

BB: What’s the most interesting tip/trick that you learned while compiling this piece?

HC: Gosh, there were so many! We worked with an amazing roster of pros to assemble the most useful, interesting tricks for our readers. I love Kristofer Buckle’s tip on steeping mascara in hot water to loosen the formula and prevent clumping. I also think occasionally washing hair with a clarifying shampoo and always following conditioner with a cold-water rinse helps increase shine. The most unique tidbit was from Christine Chin. She suggests that you stop drinking water two hours before bed so the body won’t retain water overnight and eyes won’t look puffy in the AM. Who knew?

BB: The BeautyBlender sponge is listed as one of 12 makeup must-haves. This product seems to be garnering more and more buzz lately. How does is compare to the famed MAC 187 Duo Fibre brush?

HC: You can’t really compare the two. The egg shape of the BeautyBlender sponge is designed for blending and getting to those hard to reach crevices (like on the sides of the nose). I am sure that MAC brush is great, but I haven’t tried it.

BB: The Beauty Bug especially enjoyed the “It’s Wacky But It Works!” tips. Two in particular that made Her chuckle were the tip that encouraged women with sensitive skin to store their tweezers in the freezer before plucking so the coldness would numb the skin, and another that suggested woman use spray deodorant to create volume in their hair. Have you tried this? Does it work?

HC: Cold tweezers are definitely soothing to the skin. If you don’t have volumizer on hand, spray deodorant (make sure it’s natural) on the roots can be an effective alternative. One of our staffers tried it and was happy with the results.

BB: Kim Kardashian can’t live without her NARS Turkish delight lip gloss. What gloss can’t you live without?

HC: Lately, I’ve become more of a lipstick girl. I switch colors about four times a day so there’s not really one that to which I am loyal. Right now I am loving Paula Dorf Ariana and Avon Cherry Glisten. Also, I must admit that I am a big fan of Vaseline. Not only does it condition lips but it can transform any lipstick or even lip pencil into gloss.

BB: It would cost the average person $18,000/year to follow Beyoncé’s beauty routine. This includes hair cuts and color, styling sessions, brow shapings, and lash extensions -what’s the most expensive beauty treatment you’ve tried? Was it worth it?

HC: One of the most expensive services I’ve tried was a deluxe caviar treatment at the La Prairie spa. It started with a facial, then an exfoliating body treatment and ended with a delicious presentation of caviar with all of the accoutrements. It was very luxurious. I also LOVE lash extensions, which cost about $400. They last for about 6 weeks, and there’s nothing like looking like you have mascara on when you first wake up.

Quick Summer Beauty Hits

BB: Bob or Beachy Waves?

HC: Beachy waves

BB: Favorite summer scent?

HC: Bobbi Brown Beach

BB: Matching nail polish on both the fingers and toes, or, it doesn’t matter?

HC: Don’t match! Let toes and fingers be unique.

BB: The one product that you won’t leave home without this summer is…

HC: Sunscreen

BB: Tinted Moisturizer – Laura Mercier, DuWop, or Stila?

HC: I actually prefer mineral powder. Love Bare Escentuals.

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