Dazzleglass: It’s Worth Leaving Work Early For

After a rough morning at work, at about 11AM, The Beauty Bug had had enough – She dropped everything She was working on and went to the MAC store for a Dazzleglass fix. She deserved it. She had been thinking about it since yesterday afternoon when Michelle from All Lacquered Up planted the Dazzleglass seed. Michelle is a self-admitted enabler – she told The Beauty Bug that she had to have Love Alert and Bare Necessity and that was all it took.

The Beauty Bug entered the MAC store, and made a beeline for the Dazzleglass. She was a Beauty Bug on a mission. She went straight for Bare Necessity, a caramel apricot color with hints of red and gold pearl. While it was a bit more pink than She had hoped, the shade nonetheless wowed Her with it’s powerful spark and shine. MAC Dazzleglass is one of the only glitter glosses that is sexy and sophisticated -it’s not your typical 13 year olds glitter gloss. She happily purchased Her gloss, and left the MAC store; Her now more profound, sparkling lips leading the way.

At any mirror She could stop at, She would just to have a look at Her blinding lips. She took Her time cutting through the multi-level department store pausing occasionally to admire the new gloss that on a sunny day, one might need sunglasses to look at it head on.

The Beauty Bug will leave you with a few lines from one of Her most favorite plays and movies, CHICAGO. “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle ‘em. Give ‘em an act with lots of flash in it, and the reaction will be passionate.” This gloss razzles and dazzles….

MAC Dazzleglass is available on MacCosmetics.com for $16.50.

4 Responses to Dazzleglass: It’s Worth Leaving Work Early For

  1. Beautytalk

    Oh man, I still haven’t gotten around to buying any of these!

  2. Jamie

    Michelle did the same thing to me! I’m going to buy mine this weekend!

  3. Nevin

    I will definitely check this out….thanks for the rec!

  4. kate2004rock (Katie)

    Totally sold out at Mac.com :(

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