How the MAC 210 Brush Changed The Beauty Bug’s Life

When it comes to eyeliner, there’s a fine line between Angelina Jolie’s elegant, enchanting eyeliner, and Amy Whinehouse’s uneven mess that looks like it was applied with a Sharpie. If you ask The Beauty Bug, liquid eyeliner is one of the most challenging products to apply. You must have a perfectly steady hand and be able to draw a fairly straight, even line. Even just the slightest increase in the thickness of a line can dramatically change the look of one’s eye makeup. This is why the brush is so crucial.

Before discovering the MAC 210 brush, The Beauty Bug was almost always displeased with Her line that She achieved by using a thin angled brush. Most mornings, She’d leave an extra 5-10 minutes to apply Her top eyeliner, always making sure She had Q-Tips within reaching distance.

The MAC 210 brush allows Her to apply Her liner with confidence, ease and precision. It’s truly transformed Her eyelining experience. It’s THE eyelining brush.

The MAC 210 brush is available on and at MAC counters for $17.

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  1. Nicole Lee

    that’s so good brush! I really love it.

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