Surf’s Up

The Beauty Bug isn’t a surfer girl. The closest She’s gotten to surfing is:

  • When Dylan was inured in a surfing accident and stayed at the Walsh’s to recover. Watch the entire episode here. And then there was the time that Dylan took Brenda to Baja to teach her how to surf without Jim Walsh’s permission. Who doesn’t remember fixating on Dylan as he emerged from the Baja surf? Was this before or after he starting drinking again?
  • When the gang from Saved By The Bell visits Kelly’s grandfathers Hawaiian Hideaway and Zack and Slater go surfing. Key the “Surfer Dude” Song.
  • When Jason Segel and Mila Kunis go surfing in Hawaii in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. For those that haven’t seen it yet – you’re missing out. All the Beauty Bug has to say is, at least in this scene, Jason was clothed.

Then this little, playful set changed it all for the Beauty Bug. Gone were the memories of Dylan, Brenda, Zack, Slater, Kelly and Screech. They were replaced with thoughts of tropical aromas – of sweet kiwi and papaya with a hint of pineapple.

Exclusively available at Sephora, Philosophy’s Surfer Girl set includes an exfoliating shower gel, a shimmer body lotion, and a lip gloss. The shower gel and lotion are both a brilliant yellowy-gold color that leaves skin with a dewy glow. The lotion is perfect for the day at the beach – it’s shimmery, but not sparkly, and catches the sun beautifully. It has a beautiful sheen to it without being too tween-ish.

Apply with your right hand, while holding a pina colada in your left.

Philosophy’s Surfer Girl Set is available exclusivley at Sephora and for $35.

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  1. Hillary

    I love Philosophy. I will definitely be checking this out.

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