Philosophy to the Rescue

Philosophy’s Summer Skincare Rescue Pack is filled with mini delights. It reminds The Beauty Bug of Her elementary school days when The Beauty Queen would pack her a lunch and put little surprises or notes in Her brown bag. This set evokes that sort of merriment. Back in the day, The Beauty Bug would read the note or marvel at the small surprise, and then clutch it like it was Her lifeline. This set deserves to be clutched all summer.

The rescue pack includes a 4oz bottle of the untouchable, transcendent microdelivery exfoliating wash that’s a staple in The Beauty Bug’s cleanser stash. If there’s one product other than sunscreen that will save your skin this summer, it’s this.

Also included in the pack-o-summer is the supernatural poreless, flawless with SPF 15. It’s a mattifying sheer peach tint suitable for light to medium skin tones that minimizes pores. It’s a super-smooth silicon formula that glides on. The Beauty Bug was sure this color wouldn’t be a match for Her pale skin, but the peach tint blends well to a sheer base.

And finally, nestled in the corner of the box is the kiss me red lip shine – a perfect soothing red lip gloss that compliments a tan!

Philosophy’s Summer Skincare Rescue Kit is available a Sephora and for $35.

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