Philosophy’s Foaming Purity Made Simple Cleanser

This morning The Beauty Bug started Her day off with a breakfast sponsored by Philosophy. In the coming days She’ll tell more about what She learned, how the brand secured its place on the map, and about some new products to look out for in the coming months. But for now, She must gush about one of their newest launches, Purity High-Foaming Daily Cleanser. She clapped and cheered in room full of fellow editors when She found out She’d be going home with a bottle because She was curious to see if Philosophy could top themselves. Why mess with a good thing? In this industry, the original Purity is SO iconic; was there room on this pedestal for another cleanser? The Beauty Bug is happy to report that the answer is yes!

The gentle sulfate-free formula lathers into a rich, thick foam that dissolves makeup, dirt and oil. The Beauty Bug was particularly excited about this foaming action because so many foaming cleaners that She’s tried have been light, watery and separated easily.

Purity High-Foaming Cleaner shares the same recognizable, fresh scent as the original, and leaves skin soft hydrated, and most of all, refreshed. Think of it as Purity’s lighter, frothier cousin….

Even if you’re just an occasional foamer, this is a must-have for your cleanser repertoire.

foaming purity made simple is $21.50 (6 oz.) and $34.50 (12 oz.); both are available on, at sephora stores,, nordstrom stores, other specialty stores.

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  1. Janet Sisson

    I purchased this product a few weeks ago. I have used Purity in the other form for years. I love, love this as it comes out in the foam so I use less to get the job done. It also rinses off much more easily. Great product.

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