It’s Like a Spaaa for Your Showah

Many times, people that meet The Beauty Bug for the first time ask Her why She doesn’t have a Boston accent. Some even sound disappointed. “Well, haven’t you lived here all your life?”, they ask. The Beauty bug would nod, and they would just stare – seeming dissatisfied and confused. She really doesn’t have an answer as to why she doesn’t drop her r’s and replace them with a’s – it’s just the way it is….

However, if She did have one, She’d tell you that Clean and Clear’s SOFT In-Shower Facial (STEAM) is like a spaaa for your showah. It’s a stellar, inexpensive product that leaves skin extra-soft, purified, and fresh. Just as The Beauty Bug was, you’ll be tempted to apply the product in front of a mirror to make sure you’re covering your face evenly. Resist the urge because the steam from the shower allows the product to get deeper into pores for a more thorough cleansing.

After applying in the shower, leave the product on your face for at least a minute. Tingling may start to ensue (this product is for your skin, what mint shampoo and conditioner are for your hair)  – it’s just the glycolic acid, clay,  white tea (an antioxidant) and natural fruit acids doing their jobs to break down those dead, tired skin cells. After the minute is up, gently massage the product into your skin. Skin feels soft, stimulated and smooth.

At a price point of $6.99, there’s really no excuse to not try this product.

Pair with Clean and Clear’s SOFT Purifying Cleanser (SCRUB), a gentle everyday exfoliating cleanser with microbeads.

Use the In-Shower Facial one to three times a week, and in no time, your skin will feel like buttah…..

Clear & Clear SOFT Purifying Cleanser and In-Shower Facial are available at drugstores for $6.99.

2 Responses to It’s Like a Spaaa for Your Showah

  1. Girl-Woman

    Love your accent. I want to feel like buttah!

  2. Fashion's Darling

    haha we’re in the same boat except, I don’t have a typical “New York” accent or more specifically…the Brooklyn accent.

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