A Lesson In Philosophy: Part 2

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The crux of The Beauty Bug’s meeting with Philosophy was spent playing chemistry class. Everyone’s hands were lathered with cleansers, creams, lip exfoliants, and masks until they were smooth and glowing. The Beauty Bug will focus on the peels because She’s a huge fan of products that give instant results (who isn’t?!). Philosophy’s 4-step makeup optional regiment starts with a peel. For those who prefer smooth exfoliation, opt for the Oxygen Peel. It’s a 2-step hydrating and exfoliating peel for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin. Exfolation occurs when the capsule (step 1) turns to gel and is mixed with the oxygen foam (step 2). Reaction depends on body chemistry, but all the ladies in the room, including The Beauty Bug, saw a noticeable difference when they compared hands. The Beauty Bug heard lots of “Oooohh look at your hand!” and “You’ve got good foam going on” as everyone massaged the foam into the gel and revealed their brightened, smoother hands.

The microdelivery peel is for the scrubbers. The Beauty Bug is admittedly a scrub-a-holic. Similar to the oxygen peel, It’s also a 2-step peel that includes Vitamin C crystals coated with Vitamin C peptides to replenish skin (step 1), and an activator gel that cleans pores, dissolves the crystals and delivers the Vitamin C down into the skin. While it’s good for any skin-type, this peel is ideal for damaged skin.

Stay tuned for part 3 where The Beauty Bug provides some fun facts about the Philosophy brand, and gives you a sneak peak at some of their new products launching later this year.

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  1. HomeSpaGoddess

    I’m going to have to try more Philosophy skin stuff. I usually just grab their 3-in-1 body wash and go home.

  2. coleta

    this is the beast product that i have ever used!Nothing compares to it!!!It is a must have for me year round

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