Essie’s Shorty Pants

The Beauty Bug is back – with bright yellow toenails. She sends Her sincerest apologies for being gone for so long. Sometimes life takes over, and there’s nothing She can do.

But back to the important stuff – The Beauty Bug, for the first time in a while, has stepped out of Her comfort zone of dark, vamp-ish nail polishes and made Her way over to the brighter side. For this week at least. She first set Her eyes on Shorty Pants 2 weeks ago when Her manicurist was sporting it, and She’s been thinking about the color since. She even discussed it with Polish Guru Extraordinaire, Miss All Lacquered Up, who warned her about its streaky properties.

She was right – it was definitely a bit streaky – which is why The Beauty Bug would never attempt to apply it Herself – but Her manicurist did a pretty decent job and was able to avoid any unevenness.

While the Essie site describes the color as a neon yellow, it’s actually more of a golden yellow creme. Or as The Beauty Bug Fiance described it, a “canary yellow.” The color, which takes a while to get used to, provides quiet the contrast against The Beauty Bug’s pale skin

When asked what He thought, The Beauty Bug Fiance thought that the color looked “interesting” and claimed to be “indifferent”. The jury is still out on this one. Take a look at the photos in the various settings and tell The Beauty Bug what you think.

2 Responses to Essie’s Shorty Pants

  1. Nikki

    can i just say it looks fab on your toenails? If it’s on me, I will look like I have hepatitis LOL ( knocks on wood)

  2. eye4style

    I wish, wish, wish that I could get down with wild colors like this but I think they just look unflattering on most skintones. I prefer traditional pinks, reds and even corals…

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