CLEAN Summer

During a mid-day IM conversation with a fellow beauty addict, The Beauty Bug confessed that She latches on to fragrances that She likes because they are the most personal beauty product. Yes, it’s true that different colors wear differently on different skin tones – but perfume is more distinguishable and more powerful than a lip gloss or an eye shadow.

An admitted latcher, The Beauty Bug always wears vanilla-based, spicy woodsy fragrances. In fact, when it comes to Her fragrances choices, Her less than extensive fragrance is comprised of fragrances that are all quite similar, offering little to no variety.

But have no fear ladies, a fragrance intervention isn’t need just yet because this summer marks a momentous occasion in The Beauty Bug’s fragrance repertoire. She’s began wearing a floral based scent. The fragrance that made The Beauty Bug wake up and smell how fresh flowers can actually smell? CLEAN Summer.

CLEAN Summer is not your typical floral fragrance. There’s no overwhelming, oppressive, floral notes that make you gag, or give you a headache as the day progresses. CLEAN Summer is simple, light, crisp and uplifting – it’s the perfect blend of sparkling citrus and fresh flowers. It has helped to put an extra bounce in The Beauty Bug’s step these past few days when the weather has been unbearably muggy and suffocating.

The Beauty Bug most loves the how fresh this fragrance is. It’s infused with extracts of Italian Limoncello, Bergamot, Rose Ice, Mirabelle Plum and Lilly of the Valley. The citrus-based components provide a nice sweet, fruity smell, and the florals bring a clear, refreshing scent. The unique Eau Fraiche formula contains less alcohol than an Eau de Parfum or an Eau de Toilette allowing room for aloe leaf and chamomile extracts to provide moisturizing effects when applied to the skin.

Pair the Eau Fraiche with the Soft Refreshing Lotion to create a light cooling effect.

CLEAN Summer Eau Fraiche and CLEAN Summer Soft Refreshing Lotion will be available only in the month of July exclusively at HSN for $50.

4 Responses to CLEAN Summer

  1. Christina H

    What other scents do you normally wear? I’m very much into the vanilla-woodsy-spicy scents too.

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Kenzo, Gucci Rush, and Hanae Mori Butterfly!

  3. Christina H

    You might like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille and Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille too. :)

  4. Nancy O

    CLEAN fragrence must be good because HSN Sold Out

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