More About the Yellow Toenails

The Beauty Bug already told you about Her yellow toenails.

She knew they were different, but it’s just nail polish, right? It’s not like a bad hair cut that has to grow out – it’s just nail polish. But, She didn’t think that She’d be getting so many obvious stares on the train, on elevators, etc. Just today she got in the elevator only to have a gentleman remark to Her, “Weren’t we in the elevator yesterday together? I remember your toes.” The Beauty Bug flashed a half smile, and noted that they are hard to forget. The man added that he liked the color for summer and that he only changes his polish in the fall. The Beauty Bug, again, half smiled and said, “At least you’re consistent.” Longest. Elevator. Ride. Ever.

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  1. Nikki

    i have never tried yellow toenails, will probably give it a try after reading your post *winks*

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