Purple Dame

The Beauty Bug left for Saint Maarten with China Glaze’s Flying Dragon on Her toes – toes that The Beauty Bug Fiancee said “Prince would like”. Yes, The Beauty Bug is a big Prince fan, but no, She wasn’t trying to channel him.

She wanted to love the color, but instead She really just loved the idea of it – a deep purple with red and blue glitter. It didn’t wear particularly well, and after just a few days, was very lackluster and worn looking – almost as if there was no top coat applied at all. That combined with Her ragged beach feet, and She was in dire need of all pedicure.

So, let the beauty rehabilitation begin!

Barely off the plane and still in vacation mode, She chose Essie’s Bermuda Shorts for Her toes. Described as a high voltage violet, the polish is part of Essie Neons Collection – a collection that The Beauty Bug was already familiar with.

In an attempt to keep her toes on an extended vacation, She had her manicurist add a small tropical flower as a finishing touch. Now, every time The Beauty Bug looks down at Her feet, smiles and thinks of drinking piña coladas poolside.

While both the flower and the color are not the typical The Beauty Bug style, She must admit that it’s quite charming and perfect for the summer.

5 Responses to Purple Dame

  1. trishket

    Love the pedicure! What kind of shoes are those? I like the toe ring, but don’t see how the shoe is staying on!

  2. Nikki

    I LOVE IT! that look rocks and your feet looks fab!!! I love the touch of flowers!! so feminine

  3. The Beauty Bug

    The shoes are Michael Kors sandals – it’s actually not a toe ring – just part of the shoe.

    You can see them here: http://tinyurl.com/6oht3b

  4. trishket

    Oh, those shoes are cute. I knew it wasn’t a toe-ring, as in jewelry – I meant “toe-ring” as in the part of the shoe. I was trying to figure out how just the toe part was keeping the shoe on, because I couldn’t see the foot strap in your picture, but I see how it works from the link – thanks!

  5. Cornel Online

    Hi Beauty Bug! I was researching all things purple and found your site. I didn’t really go for the first purple color; it somehow seemed drab. But the second one was darling, especially with the feminine flower touch. Now that’s a color I could see myself using this summer – when summer finally comes. Your photos brought back nice memories of warmth in the midst of this cold, cold winter.

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