Mascaras Going to New Lengths

Within the span of about 2 short weeks, several new mascaras have hit beauty counters and shelves. These new innovative, fluttering wands are causing quite the buzz and vibration in the beauty world…literally. Here’s the breakdown:

Givenchy’s Phenomen’ Eyes Mascara – Even though it’s not polite to stare, in some cases you just have to. This new Sephora exclusive is one of those cases. Looking a bit like a mascara inspired by Pinhead from Hellraiser, it’s giving mascara a new face and starting from scratch. Those little spike/Koosh ball type things are designed to grip lashes at the root. The Beauty Bug hasn’t had the opportunity to try this mascara out yet, but Cavewoman from Blogdorf Goodman has. The entire review is a must read – she says “In less than one minute I saw every lash on my eye beautifully and evenly coated with mascara, bottom lashes too, invisible lashes I did not know I had, all coated and glossy and thickened and lengthened and even curled!”

Givenchy’s Phenomen’ Eyes Mascara is available exclusively at Sephora for $27.

Estee Lauder’s TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara – This brand-spanking new “performance mascara” is now available Saks Fith Avenue as of today. It talks a big game too, promising a “lash revolution.” The advantage of the micropulsing wand? It claims to combs through lashes quickly and more effecitvely. Housed in a flashy blue and gold striped tube, the vibrating LashSonic brush is automatically activated when the cap is unscrewed, releasing the gel formula. The Beauty Bug will have Her hands on one of these very soon. The anticipation is killing Her!

TurboLash is available now at Saks Fifth Avenue Estee Lauder counter and online for $30.

Ôscillation by Lancome – One day only! Get it while you can! Limited Edition! While supplies last! Be the first! Yes ladies, Lancome is pulling out all the one-liners to call attention to their new vibrating mascara that offers 7,000 micro-oscillations per minute. Do the math and that’s 116.67 micro-oscillations per second. Ridic. Famed Beauty Editor Jean Godfrey-June predicts that women everywhere will be throwing away their lash curlers after they try this, and Andrea, beauty colunmist from Glamour agrees. That’s a pretty bold statement.

If you want this, you really do have to act fast. This new power mascara will only be available on,, and at several Lancome counters. To see if your city is ones, click here. Once again, Boston gets no love. If your city isn’t one of the lucky ones, get those mice clicking at 9AM sharp – it’s ok if you’re a little late to work.

Ôscillation by Lancome retails for $34.

So, are you buying into the vibration frenzy, or have you mastered your own battery-free application technique?

On another note, who wants to bet that The Beauty Bug pokes Herself in the eye one of the first times She uses it?

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  1. rubia

    vibrating mascara . . . i feel like everything vibrates these days! toothbrushes, razors, foot files . . .

    i can guarantee i would poke myself in the eye with these! however, i can’t guarantee that i won’t at least try them!

    i’m really into imju fiberwig these past few weeks though – it really does give you the look of false lashes once you get the hang of it!

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