Lancome’s Ôscillation Mascara Video Demonstration

Lashes everywhere are reaching new lengths thanks to the now sold-out Lancome Ôscillation Mascara. The new vibrating product is accumulating waiting lists across the US that are longer than the latest issue of Vogue, and is causing even the most recognized beauty editors to toss their falsies away.

The Beauty Bug’s mascara arrived on Saturday, and sat in its box until this afternoon. She already admitted that She was a little intimidated by it – putting motorized objects by ones eyes just isn’t normal. But Lancome is making it easy… and normal. Today She had the chance to talk one-on-one with Erin and Elizabeth from the Lancome team – watch the demo and you’ll see, there’s really no need to worry about poking or splattering or clumps at all.

Watch the video and remember:

  • No more applying your mascara with a zig-zag motion – just let the brush do all the work!
  • Start at the base and apply root to tip, slowly!
  • It’s a buildable mascara, so apply that extra coat!
  • While applying, make sure you hold the button down. You control the vibrations.
  • Again, applying it slowly and evenly is the key.
  • Don’t be scared – you’re no more likely to poke yourself in the eye with this mascara than you are with others.

Lancome Ôscillation Mascara Demo from The Beauty Bug on Vimeo.

A special thanks to The Daily Obsession and The Beauty Bug Fiance for their help with editing and uploading this!

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  1. HomeSpaGoddess

    This was AWESOME!!! I LOVE beauty video ( as you can tell from my vlog). Great job, I’m going to give Vimeo a try.

  2. lily

    Very cool! :)

    Lily x

  3. Louanna

    Great work.

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