BeauT: A Second Meeting

And so they meet again – The Beauty Bug and the mysterious woman who applies her mascara during her entire T ride to work. You may remember their first encounter – The Beauty Bug witnessed a scene which She will never forget.

This time wasn’t much different, except there wasn’t an old lady there warning her about the dangers of applying mascara on a moving train car. To a certain degree, The Beauty Bug has to agree with this wise elder – the T makes abrupt stops and dramatic swivels. But, The Beauty Bug’s concern for this woman only goes so far, because it’s truly amazing to watch her go through her entire makeup routine on a train car and watch (and take photos) while everyone around her also stares. Someone just needs to break it to her – the T is not a bathroom or a vanity table.

This time her products of choice included a light dusting of MAC bronzing powder, dark Revlon eyeshadow, L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara, clear Maybelline Brow Gel, and Neutrogena Lip Gloss.

A few things that The Beauty Bug continues to wonder…does she travel with Qtips in case of she has an accident or her hand slips? Or more importantly, does she travel with sanitizer in case one of her products drops on the icky T floor? How on earth does she apply all of her makeup using just a little tiny compact mirror? And lastly, how does she not notice The Beauty Bug snapping photos……!?!

7 Responses to BeauT: A Second Meeting

  1. Laney

    I love that you took pictures!

  2. Nikki

    hands off to you for taking the shots! Wow…she’s so serious with it :D

  3. sarahPUFFY!

    Good god that’s frightening. When I’m in a hurry and on the school bus, I’ll swipe on creme blush and gloss; maybe even eyeshadow if I have it with. But mascara and liner? I’ll save it for the ladies room!

  4. fifrildi

    I have to confess that I used to do this when I worked as a Stila-girl when I was younger. It was mandatory to show up with a fully made up face for work so I kept a spare makeup kit in my purse in case I overslept and had to run out the door without my makeup on. This happened more often that you would think and left me like this woman. But I usually got comments though ;)

    (I never dropped anything on the floor or poked myself in the eye or anything. Lucky pass I guess!)

  5. Em

    Lol. I’m glad I’m not the only person who’s had the urge to take pictures of ridiculous strangers on public transportation…I’ve seen people do this on the Long Island Rail Road but I guess you have to find some way to kill 50 minutes. Did you see how long her ride was?

  6. kia

    what a riot! i wait until i’m at work LOL!

  7. Beauty Parler

    I’ve seen people do that on the train as well & just am amazed that they have no problem doing their “face” in public. But the fact that you got pics…that’s hilarious I love it:)

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