L’Occitane’s Honey & Lemon Delight and the Case of the Missing Suitcase

Vacationing in the islands is all about the tax-free shopping, agreed? The last 2 times The Beauty Bug visited Saint Maarten She had 2 things on her mind – David Yurman jewelry and perfume. Can you blame Her? She’s always been a woman that knows what She wants.

Last month, She almost made it through Her weeks vacation without buying any perfume or beauty products whatsoever, that is, until Her nose led her to the L’Occitane store in the Saint Maarten Airport. She really hadn’t planned on buying anything – She just wanted to waste time before her flight – until Her nose was lured to a bottle resembling honeycomb. It was L’Occitane’s Honey & Lemon Eau de Toilette. The sweet smell was similar to other fragrances that The Beauty Bug had, yet very different at the same time.

As The Beauty Bug continued to smell the citrus-y vanilla fragrance, the sales girl also began to sniff a perspective sale, putting on the full court press; something that’s much too common in the islands – too common, and extremely overwhelming. Doing Her best to ignore the pushy sales girl who had told Her that the island price was 20% lower than the price in the States, The Beauty Bug just kept smelling and smiling. The sweet yet spicy fragrance fit into The Beauty Bug’s fragrance repertoire because of it’s sweet, vanilla base, but what really drew Her in was the sparkling dash of citrus and hint warm cinnamon. The combination of the musk, sweet caramel, bergamot orange, patchouli and jasmine was delicious, and The Beauty Bug just couldn’t resist. Sold! Into the suitcase it went, packed between clothes so the bottle wouldn’t break.

Finally back in the States, The Beauty Bug arrived to Her apartment one suitcase short. The airline had lost Her suitcase containing Her perfume. It was somewhere in Bermuda Triangle of suitcases. All The Beauty Bug could think of was that in an airport somewhere, someone smelled of deliciously fresh Valensole lemons and honey and She was never getting it back.

The Beauty Bug could barely sleep that night, and woke up determined to get Her things back. After calling the airline every hour on the hour, She was elated to hear that Her bag (and Her perfume) were found. Alas, The Beauty Bug was reunited with her Honey and Lemon Eau de Toilette, and She has worn it everyday since.

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, The “island price” was not 20% cheaper as the sales woman claimed. The Beauty Bug paid $40 for the fragrance and it sells here in The States for $44 plus tax.

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