Suki Face Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser

Had The Beauty Bug known that Suki Pure Skin Care was literally right in Her backyard when She was in college, She would have done everything in Her power to land an internship there soley to stock up on products. It’s clear that She missed Her chance, but hey, who thinks organically in college? Chances are, The Beauty Bug wouldn’t have even appreciated Suki’s scientifically-formulated, completely organic, aromatic approach.

Well, ladies, times have changed – The Beauty Bug is slightly older, and a whole lot wiser, and appreciates natural hand-made products and original blends. While the entire collection is rave-worthy, the stand out product with the deserved cult following is the exfoliate foaming cleanser. It smells (and tastes – but only when The Beauty Bug is messy and manages to get a bit in Her mouth) like you’re rubbing Lemonhead candies on your face. Made with lemongrass extract, natural sugar and natural aha (alpha bet hydroxy) and bha (beta hydroxy) treatments, the cleanser/exfoliant is a bit thick and granular at first, but after some scrubbing and rubbing, it dissolves, thins and mildly foams. Rub a bit between your palms to activate. Immediately after one use, The Beauty Bug’s skin feels softer and smoother, and refreshed, and the lemon scent is unique and calming. While the jar (scoop-out method) and the consistency may seem a bit unfamiliar/unconventional, that unfamiliarity will quickly turn to an addiction.

Some quick cleanser tips – take your time with this cleanser, enjoy the sweet, fresh smell, and let it do its work. If you’re not seeing any foam, you haven’t exfoliated enough, so keep those circular motions going and give it time to melt and foam into the skin. Also, make sure thoroughly wash it all off your face. Because it’s made with natural sugar, it can tend to be a bit sticky if even the slightest bit is left behind.

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    lol thats pretty funny stuff

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    Sounds messy and sticky.

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