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The Beauty Bug had a nice fall fragrance piece almost ready to go for tonight, but She was just too distracted by 90210 to finish it – so instead, She wrote about Her distraction.

Before the season premiere of 90210 tonight, The Beauty Beauty Bug made sure Her Tivo was set, and ran out to do a quick errand. At approximately 8:07, The Beauty Bug’s cell rang. It was The Beauty Bug Brother. “Are you watching this He asked?” “It’s SO stupid.” Before The Beauty Bug Brother could say anymore, The Beauty Bug hung up – She didn’t want any spoilers. As soon as She hit the end button on her cell, the sales girl that was helping Her looked up, “9-0″ she asked? We were all speaking the same language. Like Britney, Cher, Angelina, Whitney – 9-0 holds just as much clout and influence.

From what The Beauty Bug saw, the new 90210 is like Mean Girls, minus the comedy. And the classic theme song that was music to any teenagers ears that grew up in the 90′s? It’s completely butchered. The characters have feathered hair and some look too old to be in high school, while others look like they are barely in middle school. It all just seems a bit forced and cheap. Harry and Debbie Wilson are no Jim and Cindy Walsh and Debbie and her daugher Annie look like they could be sisters – just like Silver and Kelly Taylor.

So, it’s clear the Annie and Dixon are the equivalent to Brandon and Brenda, but their relationship is not very familial and at times, awkward. And will Ethan be the Dylan and end up “drinking again” and choosing between Annie and Naomi? The Beauty Bug hasn’t quite figure out yet who else matches up – but it’s clear that thus far, it doesn’t measure up.

We are left wondering who the father of Kelly’s baby is, what Brandon is doing in Belize, and if Brenda will stay in Beverly Hills longer than a month after she finishes the play. The Beauty Bug will watch for another week, and then all bets are off from there.

This all begs the question – was the original Beverly Hills 90210 this bad as well, and we just didn’t know any better? It’s like when you go to watch an old movie that you once loved and think, why on earth did I like this again? Or is it the case of trying to re-open a closed book that wasn’t meant to be opened again.

Here’s to hoping there are some good cameos and that they properly pay homage to the true fans ( and that means more than sneaking in the fact that Andrea and Jessie’s child, Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez, is now all grown up and also goes to West Beverly) …

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  1. HomeSpaGoddess

    Great post! I second everything you said:)

    Except the original 90210 was great then and is great now. I can still watch reruns of that show.

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