Conditioner before Shampoo?

No, it’s not opposite day – The Beauty Bug has a method to Her madness! Reversing your routine in the shower may be the answer to added volume…

In the August issue of Allure Magazine, celebrity hair stylist Nathaniel Hawkins recommended reversing your normal routine in the shower to combat flatness add volume to hair. Hawkins says that “You’ll get them moisture and the elasticity, but you’ll wash out any residue that can weigh down fine hair.”

So, on a lazy Sunday where The Beauty Bug could risk having a bad hair day should anything unexpectedly go wrong, She reached for Her bottle of conditioner first. This was a huge leap of faith for Her because She often reaches for the conditioner twice after shampooing so Her hair is extra moisturized and silky before She exits the shower.

After massaging two generous dollops of Shampoo into Her hair, The Beauty Bug reached for Her towel and Her comb, still very aware of Her change in routine. Her hair felt very clean – practically squeaky clean – and was a bit more challenging to comb through than normal, but nothing impossible. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel as unconditioned and dry as The Beauty Bug expected. So far, so good.

Now, the real test began. The Beauty Bug dried her hair as She normally does and took a minute to evaluate the volume when She was finished. Was there a slight increase? Perhaps slightly, yes. But something else that was noticeably different was how Her hair stayed in placed after She dried and parted it. The Beauty Bug attributes this to Her hair not being as soft as usual. Sometimes softer doesn’t always mean better.

Bottom line is, increased volume or not, the conditioner before shampoo method is a great way to thoroughly clean your hair of any residue or build-up. And any added volume after that is a bonus…

3 Responses to Conditioner before Shampoo?

  1. Ellen Hart

    I had to read through your post, to hear the results even though I’m dealing with the opposite issue — plenty of volume, not enough moisture. Any recommendations for a great treatment?

  2. amelia

    I tried this because of the article in Allure as well. My hair ended up feeling greasier faster, knotted easily & I didn’t notice any additional volume. I find that products work much better to achieve more volume

  3. Nikki

    I have read about this but I’m afraid to try it, thanks for trying for us readers! LOL now I would love to give this a try!

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