Space.NK Invades Bloomingdales

There’s never a dull moment for Space.NK’s founder, Nicky Kinnaird. She never stops. Just last month she traveled to 9 different boutique openings in select Bloomingdale’s across the US over a 3 week period. She describes herself as inquisitive and says she’ll always be first in line to try a new restaurant, or see the latest art exhibit. A foodie and a museum-goer…maybe, but Nicky is really a beauty editor at heart. She spends her days testing product after product, in constant pursuit of the next break-through ingredient or the next life-changing product. Her search occasionally takes her to exotic places and climates, some of which have become the inspiration for her own scents, lotions and candles. The lucky, outstanding products that she and her team discover land a coveted spot on her shelves in her boutiques (and now in select Bloomingdale’s), and the not-so-lucky ones that don’t perform or impress get left behind. The Beauty Bug had a chance to speak to Nicky when she recently came to Boston for the opening of one of her new Bloomingdale’s boutiques.

BB: Why Bloomingdales?

NK: Together we offer a unique shopping experience and our partnership allows us introduce the Space.NK concept to a wider audience.

The boutiques mirror the design and feel of the existing Space.NK locations, offering a hand-selected mox of beauty brands created by innovators and experts in their fields. Space.NK signature elements such as clean modern design, bright lighting and an open, inviting atmosphere will be replicated inside Bloomingdale’s.

BB: What differentiates Space.NK from the rest?

NK: It’s simple -we do the leg work for the customer and showcase the best of the best from every corner of the globe. All associates are personally trained by each brand and can offer unbiased advice and personal service. We do all the narrowing down for he customer. I’m on a plane every week seeking out products and I’m typically involved with a brand before their product goes to market.

BB: How did Space.NK come about?

NK: My mother was fragrance obsessed and I was constantly surrounded by fresh fragrances. We used to summer on the Spanish coast where I frequented the pharmacies in Spain, France and Italy because they offered such remarkable service and advice. They weren’t part of chain, and the owners were passionate about what they carried, and very well educated. These pharmacies were smaller, more intimate places and I try to model Space.NK after them.

Nicky then pauses and brings The Beauty bug over to the wall of products. She points out Philip Kingsley’s hair products and describes them as being the “foremost in scalp and hair health”. She’s currently loving his Extreme Elasticizer. Moving down the wall a bit, She gushes over Neil George’s products and calls them extraordinarily simple. Nicky next gushes about the Jemma Kidd makeup line which she calls “fun and playful” and recounts the story behind Jemma’s Lasting Tint Semi-Permanent Waterproof Lash Color, which Jemma created because she didn’t want to wake up to her boyfriend without mascara on.

BB: Since you’re constantly on the go and on the look out for new products, how often does your inventory change?

NK: We get new products in every 2-3 weeks. We’re constantly editing our inventory to keep it fresh.

BB: What are some of the newer products that have hit the shelves recently?

NK: I have 4 new travel inspired fragrances that were recently added to my Space.NK line. All are 95% naturally derived and paraben free. They are all ecologically sound and I drove my chemists crazy because I would not compromise.

Champaca, a spicy yet calm fragrance, is inspired by a flower I saw on a recent trip to Rajasthan, Inidia. Jasamber, a clean, cool, fresh scent with citrus top notes, was a result of a trip to Norway. Tuberoli is Rome in a bottle, and Santalrose, a musky, vanilla fragrance, was inspired by the foot hills of Mount Fuji.

Another recent addition to our inventory is the Sarah Chapman line of skin care – she’s the top facialist in the UK and her 6 products are flying off the shelves. My favorite is the overnight facial – it’s loaded with reparatives and peptides.

We also just added Dayna Decker candles to our shelves and they are quite lovely.

BB: As a 20-something year old, approaching 30, what preventative product would you recommend?

NK: I like the Zelens line. It’s chock full of antioxidants.

BB: Will you let us in on some of your beauty secrets?

NK: 1) Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Overnight Facial - it’s a transformative overnight mask and it’s miraculous. You wake up and your skin is radiant.

2)My Space.NK hand lotion doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances. This new line is squeaky clean and botanically based.

3) Lipstick Queen Saint lipstick in Rouge by Poppy King. We are seeing return to lipstick and more glamorous makeup. This formulation has intense color, yet is sheer with 10% pigment.

4) Eve Lom Cleanser. This is the most amazing product I have ever come across. It acts as eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner and exfoliant. After 10 days, skin is absolutely transformed.

Boston readers can visit the Space.NK boutique inside the The Bloomingdales at Chestnut Hill. For a list of other Bloomingdales Space.NK boutiques, click here.

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