How To Get Your Significant Other to Wash His Face…

…the short answer, get a puppy who loves to lick.

For years, The Beauty Bug has been pleading with The Beauty Bug Fiance to wash His face; telling him how refreshed and clean he’d feel. But, to Her dismay, all of the men’s facial products would just sit on the shelf in the shower, unused.

Then, Edith Rose (Edie) arrived and began washing his face…with kisses. After several times of telling Him he smelled like puppy, The Beauty Bug Fiance finally reached for the facial scrub from Another Logistics For Men Face-Off Kit. “What do I do?”, he asked as he stared at the bottle just like The Beauty Bug would stare at a screw driver. After a bit of coaching from The Beauty Bug and a quick lesson in face washing 101, history was made and The Beauty Bug Fiance now smelled fresh and citrus-like.

The face wash received a thumbs-up from The Beauty Bug Fiance, but more importantly, it also got The Beauty Bug stamp of approval. The grapefruit oil is refreshing and energizing, the Vitamin C and aloe vera are nourishing, and the tiny exfoliating beads do their job without over-drying. Beauty Bug Fiance, are you listening? Continued use  means no more in-growns…

Other products in the kit include Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Shave Cream, and After Shave Balm. The 4-step system includes involves cleaning (Glycolic Cleanser), smoothing (exfoliating facial scrub, shaving (shave cream) and soothing (after shave balm). It serves as a great starter kit for men who haven’t quite gotten in a grooming groove.

The Beauty Bug’s next challenge is to get The Beauty Bug Fiance to expand his product repertoire and try the Glycolic Face Wash, but baby steps are key. Based on Edie’s licking habits, The Beauty Bug sees many bottles of face wash in The Beauty Big Fiance’s future.

Keep on licking Edie, to the Beauty Bug Fiance – considered yourself challenged! It’s on!

Anthony Logisitcs Face Off Kit is available for $40 at Uta, Bath and Body Works, at select Sephora locations, and at

4 Responses to How To Get Your Significant Other to Wash His Face…

  1. The Beauty Bug Fiance


    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. sarahPUFFY!

    AHAHAHAHAH! OH this is so cute. I try to get Fiance Puff to wash his face [yeah, he has some GRODY blackheads], but to no avail. I even tried to put Biore strips on him, but he kept complaining til I took them off!

    That’s it. I guess I’ll have to get MY dog to pounce upon him and give him so much love he won’t just have to wash his face, he’ll have to take a goddamn bath with a smidge of bleach. He’ll soon learn!

    BB Fiance, if you want to get married…make face scrubs your new best friend. BB and your skin will thank you later!

  3. Sherry B.

    I could have told you the answer to this one 36 years ago!

  4. connie

    Oh my goodness! :) So hilarious. Maybe I need to get a puppy for that reason! How is Edie doing? She is getting so big!

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