Just in Time for the Holidays…The Invisibelt

Just what you’ve always wanted, right?

That one crucial piece that’s missing in your wardrobe that you never knew you needed, right?

There are so many press releases that The Beauty Bug receives and ignores, but this one was just too hard to – on several levels. Especially when part of it reads, “Plus, you’ll eliminate plumbers butt and you won’t be tugging on your stretched-out jeans all day.” Sure, using the phrase “plumbers butt” will definitely attract the female demo you want to sell belts to because it’s so lady like and on their level…

Being dubbed as a “style saver”, the Invisibelt also promises to give the wearer a sleeker, slimmer look while also helping you to “fly through airport security with your outfit in tact.” Hmmm, when has The Beauty Bug had problems with Her outfit not being in tact in an airport? Never. The only problem She’s really had is getting Her shoes off and on in a timely manner and She doesn’t think Invisbelt will help with that.

Claiming that the belt helps you dress defensively (whatever that means), Invisibelt also tells The Beauty Bug that this “must-have fashion accessory” eliminates travel stress. Accessories are patent leather bags, charm bracelets and cuffs, not a clear shiny belt.

Despite The Beauty Bug’s thoughts on Invisibelt (and its marketing), it has landed itself on the pages of a handful of reputable magazines. Perhaps it was just the airport travel/”plumbers butt” pitch that The Beauty Bug found quite a stretch (and turned Her off)…

It’s also the the topic of discussion on this message board. Users have even posted “before and after” photos. For the record, The Beauty Bug sees no difference in the photos.

The Invisibelt…coming to a 3AM infomercial on your TV very soon.

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    LOL hilarious.

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