Eau de “Have it Your Way”

Brace your noses everyone. Vegetarians beware. The Home of the Whopper is now in the fragrance business.

This week, just in time for the Holidays, Burger King revealed its new cologne body spray for men, “Flame.” Retailing for $3.99, its described as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” PR stunt, joke or a pick-me-up in this unstable economy, the thought of smelling like a burger king (or the imitation burgers they sell) is repulsive. What’s even more shocking is that a quick, casual survey done by The Boston Herald found sniffers saying that they’d buy it as a gift!

What’s next, a ketchup body lotion to accompany? The Beauty Bug would rather something along the lines of fries or a shake…

Flame by BK is available at Ricky’s NYC for $3.99.

2 Responses to Eau de “Have it Your Way”

  1. Cris Cohen

    Because when you think of romance, you think of restaurants featuring ketchup packets and napkin dispensers.

  2. Lynn

    I just can’t imagine this. When I go into Bath and Body Works, the first thing I tell the girl that comes up to me is “no fragrances that are food” lol. If I came across a guy wearing this, I would think he just got off work from the fast food joint. YUK!

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