New Years Eve Lash & Dash

What’s New Years Eve without any drama? Drama in the form of lashes…

Despite the 8″ of snow on the ground, The Beauty Bug managed to make it to Her local MAC counter to get a pair of lashes from their new Lash & Dash Collection applied. Forgetting all the lessons She learned in prom 101, The Beauty Bug mindlessly left Her apartment wearing a turtleneck sweater which proved to be more than a bit challenging when She got ready later that night.

Choosing the most dramatic lashes from Lash & Dash that resembled feathers, they were just the right combination of special and wow.  While they were a bit heavy at first and felt like mini eye visors, The  Beauty Bug soon got used to them, and they ironically felt, light as a feather.

Happy New Year! Here’s to lashes, lip gloss and liner!

3 Responses to New Years Eve Lash & Dash

  1. AllLacqueredUp

    Those look amazing!! Wow! I’ve always been afraid of fake lashes but those are so cool. Perfect for NYE

  2. Nancy O

    Secret clue to saving your hair, make-up and eye lashes if you are wearing a turtleneck: place a silky scarf over your head and face and tuck the scarf into the turtleneck and slide off. All should remain intact

  3. Foochi

    Wow! Definitely popping! Unfortunately I have smaller eyes and single lids so those will definitely not work for me! They look great tho! I also just wanted to complement on your blog. I love the simplicity of it :)

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