A Not So Golden Night…

This year’s Golden Globes were, in few words, underwhelming and bland.  The dresses were scaled back and less glamorous, a sign of the times perhaps,  and there were many more misses compared to hits. The color of the night was an unflattering oyster color – something in between a beige and a gray – and hair was messy. Here’s a run down of The Beauty Bug’s thoughts on the nights fashions.

Vampire or pirate, take your pick. Yes, vampires are in right now, but not on the red carpet. Vampira Marisa, go back to Transylvania.

The Beauty  Bug and Her co-workers were reviewing the red carpet looks at work and we came to Eva. The Beauty Bug interrupted the all the gushes and compliments,. Yes, Eva looked pretty, but the dress? That bustle? “You guys really like that bustle in the front,” The Beauty Bug asked? “You mean she’s not holding a jacket,” one coworker asked?  Another chimed in saying she too thought it was a jacket in her arms. “NO”, The Beauty Bug answered emphatically.  Enough said. Thumbs down for the dress, thumbs up for Eva and her makeup.

Anne wins the Golden Globe for most statuesque, pale actress.  Just look at her. There’s no telling if this is her, or her wax figure.  (FINALLY, The Beauty Bug discovers someone who is paler than Her.)

Why Drew? Why? And while The Beauty Bug is asking why, why Stacy London did you pick her as one of your best dressed when you appeared on the TODAY Show today? That nest on top of Drew’s head could have hid both of Kate Winslet’s Golden Globes, and no one would have known where they disappeared to.  As for the dress? It’s Beetle Juice meets Hocus Pocus meets Scrooged.

Like Marisa, Renee Morticia also went for the Gothic-Victorian inspired looked and failed miserably.  A sheer disaster if you ask The Beauty Bug.

While watching the red carpet, The Beauty Bug paused it for a better look at Debra’s hair.  It was distracting. No, she couldn’t be…  she wasn’t…. she wouldn’t be…wearing a scrunchie.?1? But it sure looked like she was. The Beauty Bug soon forgot about Debra’s hair when at about 2 hours into the show, the camera panned to her and her eye makeup and mascara  were running. Time to get a new makeup artist.

The wrinkles, the color and the fit are all wrong. At least it draws the attention away from her hair.

The Beauty Bug pegged Eva as best dressed but, Her slightly older thirty-something co-workers disagreed, as they reminisced that it was very similar to their prom dresses. Prom dress or not, Eva had grace, simplicity and elegance on the red carpet.

If all of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” are as stuffed and packed into their dresses as she is, they will most likely not be able to put their hands up…

Tina – before you tell The Beauty Bug to suck it(because you’re obviously reading this) -  know that She is a huge fan of all your work. That being said, She’s seen you look a ton better. The messy hair, the minimal makeup and the unflattering dress were a true disappointment.

There’s not much The Beauty Bug can say about Mrs. Lopez that hasn’t already been said. Perez pointed out the bulge, and news outlet after news outlet have reminded Jennifer that it’s not the 2000 Grammy’s anymore.

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  1. Nikki

    LOL thank you so much for posting this, I was laughing at your comments and I’m glad you did this post, I haven’t had the chance to watch this so this is a perfect time to really look at their dresses and say “WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???” :D

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