Drugstore Mascara Showdown, Part 1

lashblast_luxe_mascara_1With more and more mascaras filing up the aisles of your local CVS, The Beauty Bug decided to seperate the “seperators” from the “clumpers”.  Let the show down begin!

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights – Were you sucked in by the Rihanna magazine ads? Unfortunately, The Beauty Bug was.  This is nothing but ColorGirl VolumeExact repackaged. No popping, no light reflecting, no brightening (r as they claim, eyes are 4x as bright).  Something to remember when buying a mascara  – it only effects your lashes, not your eyes, as this one says (unfortunately, The Beauty Bug didn’t remind Herself of this as She was checking out at Her local CVS).

The Beauty Bug tried Black Pearl, which is spefically recommended for brown eyes, and it’s nothing but plain black mascara with minor traces of metallics if you close enough at the bristles.  The formula and the rubber bristles perform, but skip this mascara because it’s exact-ly average.

CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe - The newest of the bunch, LashBlast Luxe is yet another disappointment from CoverGirl – it’s just another gimmick. The mascara promises a tinted formula with shimmer. The Beauty Bug tried Black Platinum and the supposed tint/shimmer is non-existent. It seems as though we’re seeing a trend among  Cover Girl mascaras, which leads The Beauty Bug to advise sticking to the basic mascaras which don’t over-promise.

cos36c_1_large2L’Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous – Only true beauty junkies know the pure joy you experience after re-discovering a stellar product.  The Beauty Bug rediscovered this gem back in December when She forgot to pack a mascara when traveling for Christmas. The rich, deep black formula produces full, dramatic, long lashes with no flaking or clumping. Before The Beauty Bug would have relied on this marcara as a fall-back, but now She reaches for it as a first choice.

L’Oreal DoubleExtend Beauty Tubes -  The newest addition to “tubular” mascaras, Beauty Tubes coats each individual last with its own tube which stays in tact until it is washed off with warm water.  Yes, this product does fulfill its promise of being budge/smudge-proof, but it doesn’t provide that extra length (the “lash-extending beauty tubes” promise to lengthen up to 80%) or any volume. The Beauty Bug has been testing this mascara for quite a while now, and it’s nothing more than mediocre. The formula is thin, and the bush is a wire-y and flimsy. The major unavoidable drawback? It’s a  a 2-step mascara.

If you’re looking for a mascara that doesn’t budge for anything, spend the extra $5 or $6 and opt for Clinique’s Lash Power. This is the red-headed step child.

3 Responses to Drugstore Mascara Showdown, Part 1

  1. Nikki

    this is super helpful, I learn a lot..thanks for your honest opinion and I’ll steer away from CG Lash Blast :)

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Quick clarification – it’s not the actual Last Blast formula that The Beauty Bug didn’t like, but if you already own the regular Last Blast (in the big orange tube), there’s no need to buy this one as it’s the exact same. Similar to the Exact Lash, it’s just an old CG mascara repackaged.

  3. Mineral Makeup Girl

    I like Loreal’s beauty tube mascara, but I haven’t tried Cliniques Lash Power! Guess I know what to try next. Thanks for the in depth reviews. Very helpful:)

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