Laura Geller’s Ethereal Rose Baked Powder

etherealroseIn a recent conversation with Miss All Lacquered Up, She confessed to The Beauty Bug that she’s  somewhat of a Laura Geller Baked Beauty Addict. Because of this,  she must steer clear of the Ms. Geller’s ‘baked goods’ whenever she goes to Sephora. Well, don’t say The Beauty Bug didn’t warn you (Miss All Lacquered Up and all other Baked junkies) because it will take all your will-power to resist the urge to purchase Laura’s new Ethereal Rose Baked Powder. A new edition to her best-selling Baked Beauties Collection, Ethereal Rose is a stunning pearly pink that gives cheeks a dewy glow.

As the temperature continues to drop, and the snow continues to fall,  Ethereal Rose mimics that “fresh out of the cold” glow. It coats cheeks with a bit of twinkle and a dash of sparkle so they glisten like freshly fallen snow. The Beauty Bug loves the blend of 5 marbleized pinks -the brilliant color gives Her a fresh, radiant warmth that’s flattering on all complexions. She uses the powder in place of blush, and also as a highlighter.

Created in Italy, the powder starts as a liquid infused with color. It’s next  hand-stirred and cast into terracotta pans then baked for 24 hours.

Laura Geller Ethereal Rose Baked Powder is available at Sephora for $29.50.

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