Valentine’s Day Lashes



The Beauty Bug never needs a reason to don fabulous lashes, and bat til Her heart’s content. Recall New Year’s Eve .

On Valentine’s Day this brunette Beauty Bug fluttered Her #6 MAC eyelashes, and sported eyeshadow best-suited for a redhead, combined with an old MAC favorite.  Part of MAC’s Brunette, Blonde and Redhead collection, The Beauty Bug is wearing French Cuff eyeshadow on Her lid, and Antiqued shadow in the crease.

Brunette, Blonde and Redhead is still on MAC counters, and available on

3 Responses to Valentine’s Day Lashes

  1. Nikki

    oh wow! those are WONDERFUL Vday lashes! so sexy!

  2. Leann

    Love those, very 1960s sexy

  3. Jen

    Those are some amazing lashes! Wowza!!!

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