Where Beauty Meets Geek…

The Beauty Bug must thank The Beauty Bug Fiance for bringing this to Her attention. It’s very rare that His techie/nerd world, and Her beauty world cross paths, but when they do and the stars align, it’s geek chic…

News from one of The Beauty Bug Fiance’s daily reads, Core77, shows the following new product design:


While the males looking at this (if there are any other than The Beauty Bug Fiance) may think it’s a cordless phone, or a stapler as Core77 suggests, the females will instantly recognize a sleek and stunning cordless hair straightener and immediately begin googling a local retailer that carries it. Sorry ladies, The Beauty Bug didn’t mean to tease, but the above is just a prototype that’s currently in development.

No more info or details have been provided as to an on-shelf date or a price, but one thing is certain, The Beauty Bug hopes that they were just testing this yellow/mustard-y color. She’ll take a red one, please!

Photos via bluelarix.

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  1. DWJ

    I’ll take one in orange, it would be such a nice contrast in my apple green bathroom! Very sleek design and I love the holder so it stands up. Genius!

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