Interview with People StyleWatch Beauty Editor, Holly Carter

sw03_march_noupcSpring has sprung…(on news stands at least) and The Beauty Bug recently had a chance to speak to the Beauty Editor of People StyleWatch,  Holly Carter, about spring trends, colors and how to not skimp on your beauty regimen amidst the current recession.  Regular readers may remember that The Beauty Bug interviewed Ms. Carter last year, and she provided some interesting and helpful beauty tips and tricks. Check it out here.

BB: What’s your favorite spring face?

HC: Makeup gets fresher and lighter in warmer months. I am a big fan of the aquatic shadow trend. A splash of turquoise, sea green or teal on the lids, mascara and sheer lip-gloss makes the prettiest palette.

BB: Three must have products for the spring/”now” products?

HC: I love bright nail polishes — especially purple. These cheery colors are the perfect way to ease toes out of hibernation. I am also a fan of red lipstick. You can make it subtle and sheer for day or go matte and bold for an evening look. Lastly, a soft black kohl pencil is great for defining eyes and season-less. Use it to make eyes sexy and smudgy or go for a thin precise line.

BB: Any beauty recession tips? Your picks for at home treatments?

HC: I think women should work that one thing they love and that makes them feel good — whether it’s a $20 lipstick or monthly pedicure — into their budget whenever possible. And perhaps that means giving up little things like a $4 daily latte or bringing your lunch to work a few days a week.

As for at-home treatments, invite a friend over and give each other a pedicure or manicure. A quick facial is also doable at home. Use your favorite cleanser and then let the steam from a boiling teakettle soften dead skin cells. Then apply a gentle exfoliator and hydrating (try mashed avocado) or tightening (try egg whites) mask. Rinse and apply moisturizer.

BB: Spring lips – lilac, berry, or blood orange?

HC: Berry is definitely big for spring. From strawberry to blackberry, it works on every skin tone and can be worn sheer or opaque.

BB: With the changing of seasons, how does/how should your makeup/skin care regimen change?

HC: Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a change of seasons — it really depends on your skin type. If you tend to be oilier in warmer weather, you can switch to lightweight lotion in spring and summer. Choose makeup looks that complement spring’s airy and bright fashion looks. That could mean swapping heavy foundation for tinted moisturizer and just wearing gloss and mascara.

BB: What hair trends do you think we’ll be seeing this upcoming season?

HC: Straight hair — from voluminous and bouncy to sleek — was big on the spring runways. Ponytails, undone updos and braids are also popular looks.

BB: Headbands – in or out this spring/summer?

HC: Headbands are HUGE for spring. The great thing about any sort of hair accessory is that it can be the focal point of your style. So if your hair isn’t looking its best, pull it in a loose pony or chignon, slide on a great looking headband and voila — a potentially bad-hair day is made beautiful.

BB: With the current recession, what is the one beauty treatment that you think women should not skimp on?

HC: I don’t think women should ever skimp on taking care of their skin. But that doesn’t mean that they have to spend tons of money to do so. Having great skin always starts at home with cleansing twice daily, exfoliating, moisturizing and using SPF rain or shine. If women want to cut back on their monthly facial appointment they can still give skin the necessary TLC at home to maintain a radiant complexion.

BB: We’ve been seeing a lot more celebs with pale skin vs. bronzer/ spray tan, etc.. Which do you prefer?

HC: I think both can look great. As long as the complexion is natural looking and has a glow, it doesn’t matter if it’s spray tanned or super pale.

BB: What is the one new makeup trend you think women should try this spring?

HC: I would love to see more women wearing red lipstick. There’s definitely a shade for every skin tone.

BB: And finally, any new products coming down the pipeline that you’re excited about?

HC: I am excited to hear more about Latisse, the new FDA approved prescription-only treatment for growing lashes longer, thicker and darker.

The March issue of People StyleWatch is on news stands now.

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