New Skin Care from Chanel

Yes, it’s been a while. The Beauty Bug is regretful and apologetic, but sometimes, unfortunately,  life takes over. She hopes that you’ve missed Her as much as She’s missed you and will welcome Her back with open arms. Now on to the important stuff…

While She was gone, She’s instituted a new morning skin care regiment.  With the recent change of seasons, it was necessary.  The new products in Her daily morning routine include Chanel’s Hydramax + Active Active Moisture Gel Cream and Chanel’s UV Essentiel Protective UV Care-Anti-Pollution SPF 30. Trust The Beauty Bug when She says that they are quite the dynamic duo.

skpre5c6lgShe applies the Active Moisture Gel Cream first. It’s a refreshing, airy, pale blue gel/cream hybrid that glides on skin. The silky lightweight texture is ideal for applying under makeup as it’s absorbed into skin almost as quickly as it’s applied. The subtle floral scent is pleasant, yet doesn’t linger.  The  science behind the gel is Chanel’s Hydrabarrier System™ which traps water, helps to restore skin’s barrier function, and stave off water evaporation so skin’s moisture reservoir stays optimally filled. A must skpre5dzlg1have for the spring and summer.

Step #2 – the Anti-Pollution SPF 30. Very versatile, it can be applied by itself, or mixed in with the moisturizer of your choice. Chanel’s new moisturizing formula , which protects against UVA and UVB rays, combines mineral and plant-based ingredients.  Key ingredients include licorice extract, which helps to eliminate damaging evidence of sun exposure, and Vitamin E, which aids in guarding against free radicals. Also great under makeup, the formula is transparent and matte.

Available on, and at department and specialty stores, the Active Moisture Gel Cream is available for $70, and the Protective UV Care — Anti-Pollution SPF 30 is available for $48.

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    Great post and keep up the great work!!!

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    I LOVED these!
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