Get Marvelous Lashes from Kiehl’s

774_l1There’s something a bit un-sexy about mineral mascara, no?  It carries a stigma of sorts. Yes, it would presumably be gentle, but how could it possibly yield long lashes? Could the mineral makeup trend expand successfully into the mascara category? Yes. Kiehl’s has answered this question and proved The Beauty Bug wrong.

This month Kiehl’s became the first prestige beauty brand to introduce a mineral mascara – Kiehl’s Marvelous Mineral Mascara. Developed in response to customer demand, the formula is enriched with pigments, for rich color, and Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera for conditioning. It’s gentle, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free.

A solid everyday mascara, it won The Beauty Bug over with its ability to make Her lashes gloss, long, and voluminous (thanks to Acacia Senegal, a thickening agent that helps to make the formula smooth).  Effective, ultra-nourishing, and smudge, clump and flake-free, the mascara performed well throughout the long work day and into the evening until the Beauty Bug easily washed it off with warm water. Available in black and black brown, The Beauty Bug’s pick is black for its full-bodied, rich color.

In short, it’s simply marvelous.

Available at Kiehl’s stores and kiehl’ for $16.50.

3 Responses to Get Marvelous Lashes from Kiehl’s

  1. Nikki

    wow something new to loko into! Never thought they’ll go into Mascara :D

  2. Andrea

    I love Kiehl’s moisturiser and hand cream but have never tried any of their other products. I’ve been looking for a new mascara to try so I’m going to give this a go.

  3. Jackie

    I tried this, was not impressed! I happen to like Lauren Hutton’s Rainforest Mascara, it gives your lashes thickness and length like no other mascara. Plus if you order it from you get the eye bright eyeshadow, which gives your eyes a really nice glow, for free!

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