Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Smoky Lash

307-fThe Beauty Bug just pinched Herself. OK, She’ll  just say it, and She welcomes all your feedback, flack and comments…

There is such a thing as a mascara with too much staying power.

For all of those that asked for something even more powerful than tubular mascara, your demands have not fallen on deaf ears. Make Up For Ever has answered your call and next month will launch a mascara that’s in it to win it. A mascara fit for the Energizer Bunny….

Some people will love Make Up For Ever’s new Aqua Smoky Lash (the waterproof version of Smoky Lash), a new mascara that’s described as “extremely waterproof” , but The Beauty Bug can only recommend it for tearful brides that can’t turn off the faucet (or possibly anyone that wears makeup to the gym?). In short, it’s an event mascara that won’t budge for days.

The Beauty Bug tested this mascara just as She would any other mascara and wore it to work with no problems – no flaking, no smudging, etc.  She was impressed with the volume and length it provided, and would compare it to Dior Show with a smaller brush. However, when She went to wash it off at night, this is where the trouble began. The black pigment came off, but Her lashes still felt stiff – like they still had mascara on them -  so She reached for some eye makeup remover pads with a heavy hand.

Fast forward to the morning after and The Beauty Bug found Herself fresh out of the shower still scrubbing this mascara off. Make Up For Ever says it’s from the deep black micronized iron mineral pigments and the film-forming polymers.

Bottom line is ladies, this mascara is just too much work for this Bug, and will probably be for the average woman. After Her experience, The Beauty Bug will tuck it away until Her wedding day in August and be sure to pack extra remover makeup remover.

Aqua Smoky Lash will be available in May in Sephora stores and on for $22.

2 Responses to Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Smoky Lash

  1. Kat

    Ooh! I know — it’s a good mascara for camping!

  2. Dena Bakr

    see they ruin it just by the stupidest detail! I won’t buy mascaras that are just too difficult to get off, I’d end up with no lashes left. I’ve heard this was good but i dislike mascaras that are difficult to remove so thnx 4 the advice…

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    thanks 4 posting xx

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