Sebastian Professional’s Texture Tandem Treatment at James Joseph Salon

dsc_0602_resize2Fresh out of the James Joseph Salon after Her Sebastian Professional Texture Tandem Treatment, The Beauty Bug feels like She has a new head of hair. The Sebastian flagship salon in Boston is one of a handful of salons in the US to offer this new, revolutionary, chemical-free service.  Texture Tandem is a semi-permanent re-texturizing, silkening treatment that allows for flexibility and customization to each client’s specific hair needs and thickness levels.  The perfect made-to-order recipe, consisting of a ration of Sebastian Professional’s Moisture-Lock Silkener mixed with a ration of Micro-Texture Thickener,  is whipped up by your stylist to meet individual style needs.  Those looking to achieve thicker looking, more texturized hair would require more Micro-Texture Thickener in their recipe, while those looking for a silkier, smoother result would receive more Moisture-Lock Silkener. The Beauty Bug’s wonder-stylist who recently styled Kate Hudson’s hair on the set of BRIDE WARS , Derek, mixed approximately three parts Micro-Texture Thickener to one part Moisture-Lock Silkener as She was looking for more definition and fullness for Her layers.

Derek applied the cream mask to the Beauty Bug’s hair and led Her over to the dryer where She sat for approximately 30 minutes, waiting for the treatment to harden, forming a clay-like shell. The heat helps to adhere, absorb and grip the product to hair, swelling and coating each strand underneath and on top of  the hair cuticle. Beauty aficionados, think of how tubular mascara coats eyelashes and provides volume – that’s what Texture Tandem does to hair.

Read about the results and see more photos after the jump.

dsc_0608_resize1Once the mask had completely hardened, the extra product was washed out and Derek began blow drying. The results were immediately evident, even before Her whole head was dry. The Beauty Bug felt like She had more hair, and it felt and looked thicker and fuller. The added texture was tangible and most noticeable amongst The Beauty Bug’s layers, which had more definition and appeared more piece-y. Her transformed layers are pictured to the right – typically fine, they had an instant lift thanks to the treatment.

Perfect for a bride,  a red carpet event, or the girl who doesn’t shampoo daily, the treatment lasts through about 5-6 shampoos and is safe to use on any hair type, including color and/or chemically treated hair.  While not officially launching until July, James Joseph is one of select Sebastian Professional flagship salons offering it. To find a salon near you that offers the Texture Tandem Treatment, search Sebastian’s Salon Locator.

Sebastian’s Texture Tandem Treatment is available at James Joseph Salon in Boston for $37.

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