Mesmerizing Lip Gloss

cargoTrue story…

A few Fridays ago, The Beauty Bug was waiting for some friends at a bar. Just as they began to arrive, She went to greet one of them. Instead of the normal “hi, how are you”, The Beauty Bug got a different welcoming.

“Your lip gloss is mesmerizing,” Her friend blurted, as she continued to stare at it.

(Nice to see you too).

Mesmerizing. The Beauty Bug had never heard that one before. Shiny, shimmery, sparkly, a compliment to Her pale skin, yes – heard all those. But never mesmerizing. The Beauty Bug quickly reached into Her bag, furiously searching for this enthralling gloss, checking to make sure that it hadn’t disappeared in the black hole of glosses at the bottom on her purse. She found it and clutched it.

The mesmerizing gloss? CARGO’s Classic Lip Gloss with Timesetrip Technology in Luxor. Having never used CARGO gloss before that night, The Beauty Bug snuck off to the bathroom to get another look at the gloss that received this ultimate compliment.  Luxor, described as a spiced cinnamon latte color, is a golden caramel gloss with a slight shimmer, that’s not too heavy or sticky, and ultra-smooth and shiny (shiny enough to be seen in a semi-dark bar). It’s a natural warm color that’s so wearable and versatile.  The award-winning formula is vitamin-enriched, and paraben-free.  Mesmerized yet?

Now to the Timestrip Technology, which is mesmerizing for different reasons. Each gloss comes with a timestrip, a small label that’s inserted into the cap once the gloss is opened. The small strip begins to turn red as time passes. When nine months have elapsed and the entire window is red, the gloss has “expired” and should be disgarded.  No more guessing when it comes to the freshness of your glosses.

CARGO Classic Lip Glosses with Timestrip Technology are available at Sephora and for $22.

2 Responses to Mesmerizing Lip Gloss

  1. Sarah

    I love this color! It really does look mesmerizing — and that’s just from seeing it in the tube. Have to try this one out this summer, thanks! By the way, check out these other great options for lip color:


    Daily Makeover

  2. Tammy

    It really was mesmerizing! The gloss was so shiny. It was like glass covered in diamonds. It was the first thing I noticed on our Beauty Bug when I saw her! <3 The timestrip is a great idea too. It makes you want to use it faster so you don’t waste it. I’m guilty of that!

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