Say What? Rumblings at Sephora

Call Her what you will, but The Beauty Bug loves to eavesdrop at Sephora. Today She headed over to the store during Her lunch break today to see what shoppers were talking about. When She was finally able to tear Herself away from sniffing FRESH’s new Citron de Vigne fragrance, here’s what She overheard:

  • A mother and daughter testing the Sephora Brand Sweet Candy Glosses. The daughter tries on the Apple Pomegranate shade and mom tells her it look fabulous! Mom then begins squinting and straining, trying to read the name of  the gloss, only to realize that the name was right in front of her on the display, in bigger, easier to read font. Does the name matter anyways? If the gloss looks good, buy it.
  • p231302_heroA married man shopping for fragrances. The Sephora rep recommends Vetiver by Guerlain, because it’s clean, fresh and woodsy. The conversation somehow turns to marriage, and the man says that he doesn’t make the mistake of shopping for his wife and vice versa. The Sephora rep, who is not married, confesses that the best piece of advice a friend gave her is that marriage only looks good on paper.  Sephora – now offering life lessons in marriage as well as fragrance recommendations.
  • A 40-something year old woman, carefully carrying around 3 separate perfume strips (being careful not to let them touch or cross) and a CB radio on her belt that was obnoxiously loud and distracting, visibly put out when the Sephora rep tells her that they don’t carry Aveda products. The Sephora rep then leads her over to the No Frizz Living Proof products, saying that they are their best selling hair products right now. The Beauty Bug walked away before She could see if all this noise resulted in a sale. Breaker breaker, come in, we have a hot one on our hands.  Roger that.
  • A 20-something female browsing the Tocca fragrances and a male Sephora rep telling her that they’re made from “great material.” His favorite of the line was Brigitte. Surely, it must be because of the ginger and Rhubarb “material”.

Stay tuned for more rumblings at Sephora…

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  1. connie

    Hilarious! :)

  2. cybele

    LOVE this on-going feature. you should start a twitter page with these!!

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