WAY More Than Just a Hair Straightener…

5321952_mSure, The Beauty Bug knows what you’re thinking. This looks like your average, commonplace hair straightener that doesn’t warrant an afterthought. But before you stop reading, know that this tool is a first of its kind…

Direct from China and so new you can barely even google it (the only results that you’ll get is patent information), it’s the Ultrasonic Haircare Treatment Device.  With this iron, it’s not about what the plates are made of, but what they project.  Way more advanced and involved than ceramic or porcelain, the plates are…futuristic.  Cutting edge. One emits infrared rays while the other produces ultrasonic vibrations at a speed of 36,000 pulses per second. Designed to be used on damp, conditioned hair, the 2 plates, when clamped together,  enhance the penetration of the conditioner or any other treatment.

Deep conditioner – check. But its benefits don’t end there. It’s also said that the iron promotes hair growth, strengthens weak, damaged hair, and of course smooths. Will this mean that The Beauty Bug can toss Her Biotin? That remains to be seen.

Currently,  the iron is being used exclusively at Avanti Salon here in Boston and treatments cost $70, however they will be widely available to hair care professionals this summer, and hopefully land in a salon near you. The Beauty Bug hasn’t tried the iron treatment yet, so She can’t comment on personal results or experience, but the Chinese did have spaghetti, silk and gunpowder before us. Take a look at the track record. Just saying…

4 Responses to WAY More Than Just a Hair Straightener…

  1. Anti-aging Sytropin

    What I would give to take home one of this. Are they not going to make it available for the general market or do we have a bust a wallet just to get one treatment? Now I’m afraid to know how much it costs.

  2. Laurie

    How can you comment/rave about something you have not tried? Where is your integrity? I tired a Remington Wet-2-Dry iron that I heard raved about on another blog and it FRIED my hair! Think about it. Applying that kind of heat on your wet hair is probably NOT a good idea.

  3. Robin

    First off, love the blog! The design is so cute! Secondly, this product sounds like a space age hair straightener! I wonder if the heat damages the hair at all?

  4. The Beauty Bug

    Hi Laurie – thanks for your comment. It’s always The Beauty Bug’s policy to try something before She actually reviews it. With this post, Her intent was to just provide information. She’ll refer to one specific sentence in the post where She she says: “The Beauty Bug hasn’t tried the iron treatment yet, so She can’t comment on personal results or experience…”.

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