Unexpectedly Haute

colourcraft-marbelizedlipglass-crazyhaute-30011The Beauty Bug is by no means frilly, or girly. As a rule she doesn’t wear florals, lace, pouffy-sleeved clothing, or pink (clothing or gloss). But there was just something about MAC’s Crazy Haute Marbleized Lip Gloss that tempted Her and made Her… re-think pink. Maybe it was the georgous marble swirls, or the blue undertones, or the chicness of the vial-like tube or the three shades melding together. Or perhaps The Beauty Bug had simply been ignoring the rules of science and color. She has a very fair complexion with cool undertones, and the gloss compliments that with its bluish pink sheen. But still, She was never a “Pink Lady.” Whatever the reason, The Beauty Bug is now, for the first time ever, wearing pink lipgloss that’s not sheer or opaque. This is monumental.

From MAC’s Colour Craft collection, Crazy Haute is the pink lip gloss for the girls that don’t wear pink.  It’s not a dainty pink . It’s not a baby pink, or a pale pink, or a soft pink.  It’s a cool, medium,  pink-with-a-punch gloss. With just a hint of shimmer and hues of magenta, peppermint pink and violet/lavender pink – it’s a glamorous, alluring, smoky pink.

Crazy Haute is undoubtedly…hot.

Crazy Haute is available on at MAC counters eveywhere, and on their website for $18.00.

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  1. Anti-aging Sytropin

    The swirls reminds me of the swirls in a candy bar. Pink doesn’t compliment my skintone so never wore it. But I might try this one. Thanks for the tip! Dropping by MAC come tomorrow.

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