Modified Matte Manicure with a Twist (of Shine)




The Beauty Bug finally decided to take a chance with matte polish…and opposites have never been more attractive together.

Check out The Beauty Bug’s new Lincoln Park After Dark matte manicure with a touch of shine added to the tips for a bit more drama.

When news of the mattes hit the polish world, The Beauty Bug wasn’t all too drawn to this new muted look. No base coat and no top coat with a lackluster finish? No thanks. However, while She’s never been one for a French manicure, She did like this adaptation of it. Striking, isn’t it?

As The Beauty Bug learned, matte nails are a bit more high maintenance than just your regular manicure (Her manicurist recommended that She wear gloves in the shower). This isn’t a manicure you want to get at your local, corner quickie nail salon. Be sure to go to a manicurist who has worked with mattes before. The Beauty Bug’s manicurist, who was familiar with the matte line, took nearly 15 minutes just to polish Her nails as the formula seemed to be a bit temperamental and messy. The first coat went on rather streakily, and took a few minutes to dry down to the no shine finish.  After the second coat completed The Beauty Bug looked down and Her nails and thought…how dull.

The finishing touch of the shiny tips made all the difference.  Another upside to the matte manicure? It takes almost no time to dry. The Beauty Bug was out of the salon after only sitting under the dryer for 3 minutes.

Will The Beauty Bug “matte” again? Right now, She’s undecided. Her commitment to matte is dependent on how it wears. While it’s not recommended to use base coat with the matte colors, Her manicurist did.  She claimed that it would make the manicure last longer.

To matte or not to matte again…that reminds to be “sheen.”

10 Responses to Modified Matte Manicure with a Twist (of Shine)

  1. Meredith

    This is absolutely gorgeous! What a great idea to ease into the matte trend. I’m not sure I’m going to like it, but I love this.

  2. Nikki

    This is very pretty!!!! Wow…to Matte again, this is a nice twist!

  3. Heather

    Very cute! You’ll have to let us know how it wears.

  4. HomeSpaGoddess

    This is super swank – I now want a Matte polish just so I can do this:)

  5. connie

    That looks SO cool!

  6. Robin

    Cute post! For me, I know I do not like the matte look. There is nothing like pretty shiny nails! Of course, my polish also has to be formaldehyde and toulene free. I cannot believe companies put those horrible chemicals in nail polishes. I will be blogging about this very topic real soon!

  7. hot beauty health

    I love that! That’s so cool and such a genius idea.

  8. Faye Prettyhead

    OMG I love this! SO different, but so pretty! What a great idea!

  9. Alison Smith

    I love this!! I actually really like the matte look but still haven’t tried it–I had no idea OPI made mattes. I’m definitely going to try it now plus Lincoln Park After Dark has been my go-to color for a while. How did it wear? Did you end up wearing gloves in the shower?

  10. Christine

    This is just beautiful!

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