Sephora on Champs-Elysée, Paris

It’s often said that French woman have the best skin and truly value skin care. Perhaps it’s because the ultimate beauty destination is in Paris? The mother ship. The home base. The flagship store.  The crown jewel. Where it all began. Of course The Beauty Bug is talking about the Sephora on Champs-Elysées, or heaven on earth…

Exploring the vast hall that seemed like it went on forever, The Beauty Bug felt like She was in the shoes of brilliant beauty boss  Nicky Kinnaird of Space NK (check out her new blog here), searching and discovering brands that She’d love to see available for purchase in the US.

Here’s the photos The Beauty Bug snapped while She could (photos aren’t supposed to be taken in the store)…





A nail bar in the middle of  the store.

More photos after the jump…


For those that can read French, check out this brand.  The Beauty Bug was especially intrigued by their masks. Nicky Kinnaird, are you listening? Make some room on your shelves for these produce-packed products.



12.90 Euro for a bottle of OPI. Roughly $19.35. That’s one expensive bottle of Lincoln Park After Dark.


$52.65…for mascara.


Brulez vos soutiens-gorge translates to “burn your bras.”


Herborist. Another brand The Beauty Bug thinks belongs in Space NK. Just take a look at the mask below…



Roger Et Gallet. The Beauty Bug’s favorites were Cirton and Vanilla.



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  1. Jen

    That store was my second home when I lived in Paris! I go in one day and all the sales girls were dancing on the counters, it was so fun. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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