Say What? Rumblings at Sephora

On the latest edition of  Say What? Rumings at Sephora…a new brand that made all of the Sephora employees swoon,  a poor acne-prone guy looking for some guidance, and a new-ish powder that The Beauty Bug didn’t believe was a powder.

  • The Director in Charge drooling over the Illamasqua blushes commenting that they were best, prettiest blushes in the store. The brand is the store’s newest edition and its bold colors and chic packaging was drawing quite a crowd.  What could be the love child of MAC and Shu Uemura,  Illamasqua is only available in about 20 Sephora locations on each of the coasts. Boston  – we have the Red Sox, some of the best clam chowder, Harvard, and a Sephora store that carries Illamasqua.
  • Two other Sephora employees hovering over the new Illamasqua display talking (while swatching the glosses on their hands) about a p147925_hero2customer from Dubai purchased over $800 worth of Illamasqua products for her sister who is a makeup artist in Dubai .
  • A 30-something male professional with semi-severe acne and itchy, dry, flaky skin quietly seeking advice from a Sephora skin care professional for his conditions. With one problem solved, and the Peter Thomas Roth Acne Kit in hand, the rep next recommended DermaDoctor KP Duty Body Scrub for his itching and flaking.  He held the product in his hand, looking both confused and clueless. “Can I use that on my face?”, he asked. The Beauty Bug stopped dead in Her tracks. A body scrub on your face? Oh you silly man!
  • A Sephora artist gushing over a certain Smashbox foundation, touting that it was the only foundation she could wear because it left her skin soft and glowing. Still continuing to eavesdrop, The Beauty Bug shot a glance her way and confirmed the claims. Her skin looked amazing! The Beauty Bug went over to check it out and to Her surprise, it was a powder – Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder. No chalkiness, no drastic matte finish. Sold.

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3 Responses to Say What? Rumblings at Sephora

  1. Beauty Bug "Hubby"

    Wait … hold on just one second. You can’t use body scrub on your face?!

    Well sonofa … :(

  2. maryinwonder

    I love your stories right from the stores!
    Wish I could spend $800 without worry >__>”

  3. John

    Ouch! “body scrub on ur face?”

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